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On the 23rd February 2023  in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China At 1949 hours Hong Kong –Beijing Time China- People’s Republic of China launch the Chang Zheng – Long march 3B Y93  Carrier Rocket launching from station form Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province…..Deploying the ChinaSat 26 communication satellite….

This marks the 6th launch of this year is a complete success At 19:49 Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Time  on February 23, 2023, at the No. 2 station of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center successfully launched the ChinaSat 26 communication satellite with the Chang Zheng- Long March 3 B Yao 93 carrier rocket. Launched into space, the satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. ChinaSat- Zhongxing 26 satellite is a high-throughput broadband communication satellite in geostationary orbit, using the Dongfanghong-4 enhanced satellite public platform independently developed by China- People’s Republic of China. The satellite is a full Ka-band high-throughput communication satellite with a satellite capacity exceeding 100Gbps. It is my country’s first high-throughput satellite with a capacity exceeding 100 Gbps. This launch is the 463rd launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles.

China- People’s Republic of China largest civil and commercial broadband satellite ChinaSat – Zhongxing 26 will help aircraft connect to the Internet] Zhongxing 26 is a high-throughput broadband communication satellite in full Ka-band geostationary orbit. No. Enhanced Satellite Public Platform. ChinaSat 26 satellite is currently the civil and commercial communication satellite with the largest communication capacity, the most beams, and the most complex in my country, and its communication capacity exceeds 100Gbps. The satellite is equipped with 94 user beams and 11 gateway beams, covering my country’s territory and surrounding areas, and will provide high-speed broadband access services for fixed terminals, vehicle terminals, ship terminals, and airborne terminals.

According to the development goal, ChinaSat-26 satellite can meet the needs of millions of user terminals at the same time, with a maximum communication rate of 450Mbps, and the overall performance of satellite-ground system design and operation services can match the international level. For the first time in China, the satellite fully uses the 27~30GHz frequency band, which is 500MHz wider than the previous communication satellite frequency.

According to Wei Qiang, commander-in-chief of ChinaSat 26 satellite, at the end of 2022, China Satcom and Sichuan Airlines will cooperate to install Viasat airborne Internet equipment on some Airbus A320 aircraft. The 16th satellite-based Ka-band satellite network provides passengers with in-flight Internet services. When passengers use mobile phones, tablet computers, etc. to connect to the Internet in the air, the network runs smoothly and the experience is good. “I believe that with the in-orbit application of the ChinaSat-26 satellite, the breadth and depth of satellite Internet business coverage will be enhanced to a greater extent, and a new era of satellite Internet services in my country will be fully opened.” Wei Qiang said.

Wang Fengchun, the chief engineer of the satellite, said: “With the widening of the frequency, the payload has brought a series of technical difficulties in the product design. This new technology has effectively reduced the load weight and greatly improved the satellite load performance.”

In addition, the development team took “independent controllability of core technology” as their own responsibility, independently innovated and pooled wisdom to tackle key problems, and realized the fourth-generation low-noise amplifier in the Ka-band The localization of various products such as frequency converters and sequential microwave switches has reached the international advanced level in performance and has been included in the payload product spectrum of the Fifth Academy, breaking the long-term dependence on imports and comprehensively improving the localization level of loads.

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