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On the week of coming on the 22nd January 2023 CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration  the crew of the Shenzhou 15 of the Tiangong-China Space Station celebrating the Festive Chinese Lunar New Year in writing New Year good luck blessings in Chinese Traditional Couplets in Traditional Chinese calligraphy wondering what the crew of the Shenzhou 15….?

Spring Festival Evening Blessings on a spring festival gala of year of the rabbit in wishing… , I wish you good luck in 2023 ….The Chinese New Year is approaching, and the crew of Shenzhou 15 will spend the Chinese New Year in space. Takionaut Zhang Lu wrote the word “Fu” by hand, and presented a pair of Spring Festival couplets to the folks. This “blessing” from space

Watching the New Year’s Fireworks with You The earth under the sunshine, exudes holy beauty, let the Chinese space station show you that the mountains and rivers are safe, and send you an invitation for 2023: the old one A page is quietly turned, the year of the lucky rabbit, China’s manned spaceflight will go to the mountains and seas with you.

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

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