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On the week of 13th December 2022 wondering what the crew of the Shenzhou 15 are doing in which finalisation of the completion of the Tiangong – China Space Station the Takionaut Crew start with a productive new week taking the Dream crew working soothingly after entering orbit? In which how is life in orbit, in which they’re the second crew besides comrades Shenzhou 14 crew living in T Shape China Space Station…. Having a brief moment of watching the crew..

On the Week of 16th January 2023..  Counting down towards the Year of the Rabbit on the 20th January 2023, the Crew of Shenzhou 15 has been Busy throughout the New Year, also towards the Chinese Lunar New Year, as the Shenzhou 15 Crew Celebrates for the first time. As the Tiangong –China Space Station orbits the Planet Earth it always constantly have a view of the Motherland China, People’s Republic of China. Viewing from the Chinese Space Station from the perspective of a small Five meter length robotic arm… that Design with multiple functions ……   When the sun slowly paints the space station golden, when the small robotic arm quietly watches the Chinese space station and the blue planet 400 kilometers away, the space station Year after year, day after day, it surrounds the earth as a witness to our future…..

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

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