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Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic aerospace enterprise with mixed ownership, and it is also the target enterprise that Oriental Aerospace Port focuses on introducing. Relying on the scientific research strength and resource advantages of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aerospace Flight Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology has been committed to the research and development and integration of space technology and aerospace vehicles as a platform for the transformation of major national scientific research projects, as well as the transformation and provision of technological achievements. Aerospace launch service. The Lijian-1 rocket project also adds a brand-new name card to the Oriental Space Port, which will surely promote the construction of the Oriental Space Port to take a solid step forward.

Recently, the inauguration ceremony and product release conference of the China Science and Technology Aerospace Industrialization Base with the theme of “Endless Exploration and Leading the Future” came to a successful conclusion in Nansha, Guangzhou. The successful holding of the event is a new starting point for Zhongke Aerospace to build a commercial aerospace industry chain and upgrade and develop industrial clusters, boosting China’s commercial aerospace and world aerospace science and technology exploration.

Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of a country and the foundation of a strong country. Zhongke Aerospace Flight Science and Technology Industrialization Base – a world-class series of launch vehicle industry base built by Zhongke Aerospace , is located in Nansha, the only sub-center of Guangzhou, a city full of infinite possibilities and passion for innovation. The lean, digital, and intelligent commercial aerospace industrialization base of the industrial chain fills the gap in Guangdong’s aerospace manufacturing industry and contributes Nansha’s strength to erecting the “backbone” of Guangdong’s modernization industry at a new height. The total planning area of ​​the base is about 600 mu, of which 100 mu is used for the first phase, which is mainly used for the production, test, assembly and testing of serialized solid and liquid launch vehicles. The annual output can reach 30 launch vehicles, which will drive the The downstream industrial chain has achieved a scale of 100 billion.

At the inauguration ceremony, government leaders, investment institutions, industry leaders, partners, and media representatives attended to witness China Science and Aerospace’s march to a “new level”, achieve “new breakthroughs”, and demonstrate “new achievements” . Yang Yiqiang, chairman and president of Zhongke Aerospace, delivered a speech on behalf of Yang Yiqiang. Completed and put into use. At present, the final assembly of the Lijian-1 Yao-2 carrier rocket has been completed and is undergoing factory testing. Based on the existing capabilities of the China Science and Technology Aerospace Industrialization Base, we will gather wisdom and jointly build an industrial ecology. We have begun to build rocket structure manufacturing capabilities, which are planned to be initially completed by the end of 2023. We have also planned rocket avionics assembly, Special pump and valve manufacturing test capacity building.

As a unicorn enterprise in China’s commercial aerospace field and an explorer of aerospace science and technology in the world, Zhongke Aerospace will give full play to the aggregation and driving effect of “chain masters”, attract upstream and downstream related aerospace companies to land, and build the aerospace industry into a beautiful business card of Nansha . Inject strong momentum into the innovation and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and strive to become the “third pole” of China’s aerospace industry and the “first pole” of China’s commercial aerospace industry, forming a gathering highland for commercial aerospace and helping to achieve high-quality development.

As the first mixed-ownership commercial aerospace enterprise in China, Zhongke Aerospace relies on the scientific research strength and resource advantages of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aerospace Flight Science and Technology Center, and is a platform for the transformation of major national scientific research projects. On July 27, 2022, the Lijian-1 carrier rocket was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The first flight carried six satellites, with an uplink load of 1068.63 kg and a total weight of 899 kg, achieving a hundred-meter-level precision orbit. After the successful first flight, Lijian-1 officially entered the stage of mass production and application launch.

At this press conference, the launch vehicle products of the Force Arrow series were released, including the Force Arrow 1 series solid launch vehicle, the Force Arrow 2 liquid launch vehicle, the Force Arrow 3 series liquid launch vehicle, space tourism vehicles and near space Recyclable science experiment platform. The carrying capacity of the Zhongke aerospace rocket lineage covers 1 to 15 tons, which can be adapted to multiple application scenarios such as low-orbit constellation networking, space station cargo, high-orbit launch, suborbital tourism, and near-space scientific experiments. Relying on endless scientific research and innovation, future-leading industrial layout, in-depth industry insights, and corporate planning close to needs, Zhongke Aerospace provides users with the highest quality products and services.

Zhongke Aerospace and Microsatellite Innovation Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., Changsha Tianyi Space Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zhongke Satellite (Shandong) Technology Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Nanyue Aerospace Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute A total of 7 partners including Beijing Jiutian MSI Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Zhiyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. signed a major launch project agreement for the Li Arrow series of carrier rockets. The number of satellites signed is 200, the total mass is 40 tons, and the contracted amount reaches 1.6 billion . Zhongke Aerospace will continue to increase investment in innovation, and create the most professional and competitive one-stop launch service comprehensive solution for all strategic partners to achieve a win-win business.

Zhongke Aerospace and China Tourism Group Travel Service Co., Ltd. signed a space tourism cooperation agreement. The two parties will give full play to their respective advantages, form complementary capabilities, strengthen linkages in ecology and marketing, and open up infinite possibilities for the technological development and market expansion of space tourism.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Exploring the vast universe, developing the space industry, and building a space power are the space dreams that we relentlessly pursue.” There is no limit to exploring and leading the future. Zhongke Aerospace upholds the spirit of exploration of scientists, adheres to the concept of high-quality development, and strives to be the main force of the national strategic scientific and technological force. It will give full play to the advantages of the new national system and write a new blueprint for China’s commercial aerospace with a strong momentum of breakthrough and innovation. .

Translated from Zhongke Aerospace –CASSPace Article on 10th January 2023..

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