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On the week of 20th December 2022 it is the 23rd Anniversary of the return Macau to the Motherland China, People’s Republic of China under the frame work of One Country two systems on that day it celebrated with the SAR- Special Administrative Region Macao’s first science and technology experimental satellite “Macau Science and Technology One” satellite will be launched in the first half of 2023…

天舟五号 Tianzhou-5 successfully released the “Macao Student Science Popularization Satellite No. No. 1”, “Macau Student Science Popularization Satellite No. 1” is an 8U cube star, weighing 12kg, using an unfolded solar array. It was launched on November 12, 2022 on the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft. The young students in Macao provide a satellite science popularization practice platform, and provide aerospace science popularization activities such as ground imaging and radio communication experience.

In addition to the “Macao Student Science Popularization Satellite No. 1” released this time, the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft is also equipped with experimental projects such as hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells for aerospace and high-energy particle detection loads with a wide energy spectrum in space. In the future, it will also carry out in-orbit Scientific experiment (experimental) experiment; Tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft carried Zhixing-3 A satellite, emergency data acquisition device and space heat pump verification system payload, which promoted the construction of aerospace science education demonstration area and effectively supported the innovation of space environment perception technology Research and verification of key technologies for space thermal management; the Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft carried a space debris detection payload, made breakthroughs and verified a number of key technologies in orbit, built a space-ground integrated data application system, and realized space debris space-based short-arc Orbit determination and correlation, the whole link has verified the detection, identification, orbit determination, correlation and application of space-based space debris.

After the completion of the construction of China’s space station, it will enter the stage of application and development. As the cargo and supply transportation platform of the space station, the Tianzhou cargo spacecraft will be launched at an average frequency of 1-2 ships per year. The China Manned Space Engineering Office will carry out the selection of declared projects in a planned and step-by-step manner, and will continue to open up the carrying resources of cargo spacecraft to the public. Units and organizations dedicated to space exploration and research are welcome to actively apply

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