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Currently at the moment中國製造 Expace Technology Corporation- a CASIC -China aerospace science and industry corporation has been very busy in building a New Carrier Rocket Factory in Wuhan National Aerospace Industrial Base in which the base will be in operations in May 2020   Kuaizhou Rocket Industrial Park that forms the manufacturing of twenty plus more Kuaizhou Rockets also its other sister larger carrier rockets in process of The assembly test capability of 20 solid launch vehicles……in which is now in operation……

On the 7th December 2022 0915 Hong Kong SAR – Beijing Time  morning中國製造 Expace Technology Corporation- a CASIC -China aerospace science and industry corporation Have successfully launched the Kuaizhou 11 solid carrier rocket successfully sent the Xingyun Transportation VDES test satellite into the predetermined orbit , launching from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Inner Mongolia China, People’s Republic of China and the launch mission was successfully completed success…

After the VDES test satellite of Xingyun Transportation is successfully put into orbit, it will be mainly used to carry out the technical verification of the VDES load (VHF Data Exchange System, very high frequency data exchange system), which will provide guarantee for water emergency and safety supervision in the maritime field.

快舟十一号Kuaizhou-11 carrier rocket-  As a new member of the Kuaizhou series solid carrier rocket family, compared with Kuaizhou-1A, the carrying capacity of Kuaizhou-11 carrier rocket has increased by about 5 times, realizing the leapfrog development of the Kuaizhou series of carrier rockets, which can better meet The demand for large-scale, high-density, and rapid launch of satellites will strongly drive the development of my country’s solid launch vehicle and its power technology.
This mission is the 23rd launch of the Kuaizhou series of launch vehicles.

Images and visuals are from Weibo also from their respectives..

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