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On the 25th November 2022 Hours Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administrationthe Tiangong –China Space Station Crew of Shenzhou 14 crew announces soon to be next Tiangong – China Space Station Tiangong Classroom of Space Teaching with your Favourite Teachers from Shenzhou 10, Shenzhou 13 towards Shenzhou 14. Takionauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe introduced at the Chinese space station: the first time they greeted and entered Wentian in orbit capsule, dream capsule; the first time to leave the capsule from the airlock of the Wentian capsule; the first time to conduct a “space lecture” in the Wentian capsule; and soon, the next “space lecture” will be on orbit for the first time. The arrival of the Takionauts trip trio… They also sent a message to the students: “Looking forward to you who have spaceflight dreams, join us to collect the light of the galaxy, depict the outline of the sun and the moon, and go to a more exciting sea of ​​stars! China Space Station, etc. You are here on a Space mission trip!”

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