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On 21st November 2022 Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time , the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration  launching from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center – Inner Mongolia –China – People’s Republic of China, Readiness rolled out    deployed the Chang Zheng – Long March 2F Yao 15 Manned carrier rocket  in readiness for the  神舟十五号Shenzhou 15 Crew in which will be joining with the fellow Takionauts Comrades of Shenzhou 14 crew whom are presently up there in finalisation of the Construction of the Tiangong –China Space Station.

Deployed the Chang Zheng – Long March 2F Yao 15 Manned carrier rocket  in readiness rolled out towards the launched complex from the VAB- Vertical Assembly Building . At present, the launch site facilities and equipment are in good condition, and various functional inspections and joint tests before launch will be carried out as planned…

According to Liu Feng, the deputy chief designer of the Chang Zheng – Long March 2F launch vehicle of the Aerospace First Division, compared with the Chang Zheng Long March 2F Yao 14 rocket, the Yao 15 rocket has increased the deviation of the rocket’s take-off time. Adaptability, after adopting this technology, the rocket can make relevant corrections in the orbital parameters, and automatically compensate for the time deviation during the take-off process to ensure the accuracy of orbiting. In addition, the rocket’s telemetry system transmitter and navigation receiver have been upgraded to enable it to receive more satellites, resulting in higher accuracy….

Our aviation test team members cheered for the rockets and spacecraft before they set off! Listen, they said: “Takionauts Arrow Asks the Sky”, “Shenzhou New Journey into the Heavenly Palace”, “I wish the 15th mission of Takionaut a complete success”!

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