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On the 17th November 2022 1116 Hours Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administrationthe Tiangong –China Space Station Crew of Shenzhou 14 is going out for a third EVA Spacewalk, according to the CMS China Manned Space – China Manned Engineering office Beijing . The two Takionauts at presenting doing the EVA Commander Cheng Dong and fellow Takionaut Cai Xuzhe left from the core module…. All is feeling well. 

At 16:50 on November 17, 2022, Beijing time, after about 5.5 hours of out-of-vehicle activities, Shenzhou 14 Takionaut Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe worked closely together to successfully complete the out-of-vehicle activities All scheduled tasks, Takionaut Chen Dong and Takionaut Cai Xuzhe have safely returned to the Wentian experimental module of the space station, and the out-of-cabin activities have been a complete success.

During the activities of the Takionauts going out of the cabin, they first completed the installation of the connecting device between the Tianhe core module and the Wentian experimental module, and the connecting device between the Tianhe core module and the Mengtian experimental module, and built a three-compartment extravehicular walking ” “Flyover”, Takionaut Cai Xuzhe realized the first extravehicular walk across the cabin through the “Flyover”. In addition, tasks such as raising the panoramic camera A of the Wentian experimental cabin and installing the power-assisted handle of the small robotic arm were completed, and the whole process went smoothly and successfully. This is the first time for astronauts to go out of the cabin after the assembly of the “T” basic configuration of the space station. Support the functional performance of the device.

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration  

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