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At 0650 Hours Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Time  on a very foggy misty Saturday 12th November 2022 , China- People’s Republic of China- CNSA –China National Space Administration   Successfully launched  the New Next Generation Long March – Chang Zheng 6A modified Yao 2 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center Shanxi Province rocket successfully launched the Yunhai-3 satellite…

The Long March 6A carrier rocket used for this mission is a new generation of solid-liquid bound medium-sized carrier rocket. The total length of the whole rocket is about 50 meters, and the take-off weight of the whole rocket is about 530 tons.

Relying on the independent launch station of the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to achieve rapid launch. The rocket adopts a modular, combined, and serialized development approach. Through the adjustment of the booster, it can form a variety of configurations, forming a series of launch vehicles with a wide range of carrying capacity, reasonable gradients, and high cost performance, meeting the needs of future satellite diversification. Intensive launch requirements…

The Yunhai-3 satellite is mainly used for tasks such as detection of atmospheric and marine environmental elements, space environment detection, disaster prevention and reduction, and scientific experiments.

This launch is the second launch of the Long March 6A carrier rocket, the 174th flight test of the Long March series of rockets developed by the General Director of the Eighth Academy, and the 448th launch of my country’s Long March series of carrier rockets.

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