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The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy in Hong Kong is an independent, non-political, and not-for-profit action-oriented leadership development academy for global young leaders with stellar and outer space aspirations. The Academy is a member of the global leadership development initiatives with other space onboarding and offboarding institutions such as the Laboratory for Space Research at the University of Hong Kong, and other forward-looking and space-related institutions.

OASA HK – Hong Kong is located in the Central of Tsim Sha Tsui, First Floor, Everglory Centre, 1B Kimberley Street, (Next to Observatory Road) Hong Kong SAR-China, People’s Republic of China.

When you look at the constellation Orion there is a nebula on the middle of the sword, where many stars are born. It is one of the closest nebulae to Earth in the Milky Way galaxy, making it more accessible to astronomers, so we know more about it than other nebulae. Hence, our OASA is a nurturing ground, where outgoing global executives would pass their legacy to future generations, working jointly on problems of tomorrow. It is an open platform where companies and leaders can cross-pollinate their nascent ideas and encourage collaboration for global citizens, because ultimately space is for all humankind. The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong), known as OASA, accelerates the development of young global leaders through specially designed journeys and wicked challenges with the arrival of the NewSpace Economy.  

 It is a platform to accelerate talents and start-ups to enrich opportunities and understanding throughout the world, igniting this spark of transformation from great cities such as Hong Kong. Why? 

 Because the NewSpace Economy is already here but only a select few can sense its arrival. Because innovation does not happen by itself, but requires committed and skilled talents to make it happen, and the NewSpace economy creates massive opportunities for innovation.

 All innovation however, begins with the right entrepreneurial mindset. Until the entrepreneur appears, ideas are just good ideas and, at best, good intentions. All space missions should foster cooperation and not mistrust. A society free of suffering does not happen by itself; it requires openness, creation, and global cooperation. In fact, future joint space projects with youths may be the only way to counter global suspicion and geopolitical rivalries.

”Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world for entrepreneurs…and starting in 2020, one of the planet’s best hubs for entrepreneurship. Do you see what we see? Are you ready?”

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