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On the week of 16th October 2022 CNSA –China National Space Administration    China’s Tiangong China Space Station 神舟十四号Shenzhou 14 Takionaut crew of Month 16TH October 2022 the Crew刘洋 LiuYang陈冬 ChenDong蔡旭哲 CaiXuhe …. The furthest audience, Takionauts watch 20th Session of the CPC National Congress on the China space station At 10:00 Morning Hong Kong SAR Beijing Time on October 16, 2022, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened. General Secretary Xi Jinping, on behalf of the 19th Central Committee, told the conference make a report. The Shenzhou 14 astronaut crew watched the grand opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China at the Chinese Space Station. Under the leadership of the party and the country, China’s manned spaceflight will not forget its original intention, keep its mission in mind, and make unremitting efforts to build a strong country in science and technology and achieve high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance! Hello Twenty……

Adventurously Shenzhou 14 crew Commander Chen Dong The moon under the lens is shy recently; Takionaut Chen Dong took an emotional moving scene in space while in orbit. The moon on the horizon quietly hides behind the earth….

In which  during the week of 16th October 2022 The Newest Stunning Photographically views of Earth overlooking towards the Motherland of China, People’s Republic of China with Crew on orbit photography shooting from looking from the Tiangong Chinese Space Station From Tibet Autonomous Region towards East Coast, Yellow River into the sea with beautifully scenery panoramic views.  

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