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On the 17th September 2022 it is the second Shenzhou 14 EVA Spacewalk for  CNSA –China National Space Administration    China Space Tiangong Space Station .  First exiting out is Commander陈冬Chen Dong opened the airlock door of the airlock cabin Today on 17th September 2022 crew successfully completed all the scheduled tasks of the second outing activity….. At 17:47 Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Time on September 17, 2022, after about 5 hours of outing, Shenzhou 14 Takionauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe worked closely together to complete all the scheduled tasks during the outboard activity. Takionauts Chen Dong and Takionaut Cai Xuzhe have returned to the Wentian experimental module safely, and the outboard activity was a complete success.

On week of 29th September 2022, the crew of the Shenzhou 14 crew spending time doing experiments onboard the Wentian Module of the Tiangong –China Space Station in which one promenade is growing the next generation rice that’s durable for all seasons with the maximum yield capacity for harvesting as did with the Shenzhou 13 crew did now it’s growing in massive Rice field in Guangdong Province China, People’s Republic of China … among other chores of fun creative science is In the Wentian experimental cabin, the Shenzhou 14 astronaut crew conducted regular inspections of the modules in the life ecology experimental cabinet, and carried out scientific experiments in the scientific glove box. The Chinese space homeland continues to produce scientific achievement…..

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