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More than One year ago on 24th November 2020, the Chang Zheng – Long March Five Carrier Rocket Launched away  in CNSA – China National Space Administration China Wenchang spaceport launch, Change Five  Lunar probe into orbit, opened up towards China – People’s Republic of China’s first celestial bodies sample return trip from Mons Rumker on the Lunar Surface of the moon New research achievements – Chinese scientists reveal the composition of lunar soil minerals and space wind at the landing site of Chang’e 5

The fourth phase of the lunar exploration project has been approved, and the basic production of Chang’e-6 products has been completed…… The CNSA- China National Space Administration announced yesterday that China- People’s Republic of China’s lunar exploration project has made new progress. The fourth phase of the lunar exploration project has been approved by the state and is progressing smoothly. According to sources, the fourth phase of the lunar exploration project includes the Chang’e 6, Chang’e 7 and Chang’e 8 missions, which will be implemented successively in the next ten years. Among them, Chang’e 6 is the backup of Chang’e 5, which has the function of sampling and returning, and will go to the far side of the moon to perform missions. The production of Chang’e 6 has basically been completed. Combined with the first visit of Chang’e 4 to the back of the moon, after the demonstration of engineers and scientists in the early stage, the back of the moon is also taken into consideration. ….

Via CNSA China Space Administration –CLEP China Lunar Exploration project management office

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