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On an recent September 2022 interview on CCTV 4 with CCCTV 4 reporter Lu Jian interviewing the Commander of CNSA China National Space Administration, Takionaut Shenzhou 13 Commander翟志刚Zhai Zhigang, said in the “Interview with Lu Jian” that as Takionauts cooperate more and more closely with humans and machines when they leave the space, they are expected to complete more complex and arduous extravehicular operations in the future, such as space station operations. Relocation, reinstallations, transfer and installation of solar panels and other equiment! 

As the interview continued of talking about the Shenzhou 14 crew first out-of-vehicle EVA Spacewalk mission full review Future Takionauts will go out of the capsule to transfer solar panels Shenzhou 14th Takionaut crew presented a wonderful For the first time out of the cabin, it completed the first out of the cabin from the Wentian experimental cabin airlock cabin and was assisted by a small robotic arm.

On the 1st September 2022 it is the first Shenzhou 14  EVA Spacewalk for  CNSA –China National Space Administration    China Space Tiangong Space Station .  first exiting  out  is Commander陈冬Chen Dong opened the airlock door of the airlock cabin Today on 1st September 2022 , Takionaut went out of the cabin for the first time….  At 15:48, the Takionauts closed the cabin door of the Wentian module, and then Takionauts Chen Dong and刘洋Liu Yang entered the extravehicular spacesuit successively and carried out various preparations before leaving the cabin. At 18:26, Takionauts Chen Dong opened the airlock door of the Wentian experimental cabin. In the follow-up, Chen Dong and Liu Yang worked outside the cabin, and Cai Xuzhe cooperated and supported in the core cabin, and jointly completed various predetermined tasks such as the installation of the extended pump set in the Wentian experimental cabin and the lifting of the panoramic camera in the Wentian experimental cabin……

Following seven hours least later the Shenzhou 14 Crew successfully completed the first outing EVA Spacewalk  mission At 0:33 Hours on September 2nd  2022, Beijing time, after about 6 hours of out-of-vehicle activities, Shenzhou 14 Takionaut s Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe worked closely together , to complete all the scheduled tasks during the outboard activity, Chen Dong and Liu Yang have returned to the Wentian experimental cabin safely, and the outboard activity was a complete success. This is the first time that Takionauts have exited from the Wentian experimental cabin airlock, and the exit activities are carried out with the assistance of a small robotic arm. During the astronaut’s out-of-vehicle activities, the heaven and earth cooperated closely and the inside and outside of the cabin cooperated closely, and successively completed tasks such as the installation of the extended pump set in the Wentian cabin, the lifting of the panoramic camera in the Wentian cabin, and the verification of the autonomous emergency return outside the cabin. The whole process was smooth and successful, and the inspection the ability of the Takionauts to work together with the small robotic arm has been verified, and the functional performance of the Wentian experimental cabin airlock and related support equipment for exit activities has been verified.

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