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On Hainan Province –China –People’s Republic of China…. in the district area of the Wenchang – Wenchang Spacecraft launch center in which the awesome team at one of many CNSA –China National Space Administration  that China National Space Administration…………… On 24th July 2022

After Wentian experimental module entered orbit, the status setting was successfully completed. At 3:13 on July 25, 2022, Beijing time, it was successfully connected to the forward port of 天和 Tianhe Core Module. The entire rendezvous and docking process lasted about 13 hours. . This is the first time that two 20-ton spacecraft in my country- China- People’s Republic of China have achieved rendezvous and docking in orbit. …According to the mission plan, the Shenzhou 14 Takionaut crew will then enter the Wentian experimental module….. In which finally docked in early morning time of the 25th July 2022 in with CNSA –Beijing Aerospace City in which co-ordinated the docking maneuverers have achieved rendezvous and docking in orbit.…   in which the crew of the Shenzhou 14 staying for six months in construction of the stage one of the China Space station with the additional Mengtian experimental module in which will be delivered on the October 2022 Launch Schedule calendar..

On the 29th August 2022 Plants grow in the Tiangong – China Space station. At present, the experiment of the space station in the Chinese space station is progressing smoothly. The seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana and rice cultivated in orbit germinate and grow in good condition. The follow-up will be completed. Arabidopsis and rice from seeds in the space station Experiments to the whole life cycle of seeds. Let’s take a look at the growth dynamics of Arabidopsis and rice↓↓ # Ask Tiangong# #Rice seedlings are growing well in the Chinese space station  

[Arabidopsis thaliana and high-stalk rice in the general experimental modules of life ecology in Wentian experimental cabin have sprouted and grown] On August 29, a briefing on the progress of space application of manned space engineering and advanced plant culture experiment of space station was held in the space of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Application Center and Center of Excellence in Molecular Plants are held. According to reports, as of now, the payloads of the Wentian experimental module are in good condition and work stably. The experimental unit containing the experimental samples Arabidopsis seeds and rice seeds has been installed by the astronauts into the general experimental module of life ecology in the Wentian experimental cabin. At present, the plants have sprouted and grown.

At present, the seed germination of Arabidopsis thaliana and rice has been successfully started. The Arabidopsis seedlings have grown four leaves, the tall rice seedlings have grown to about 14 cm high, and the dwarf rice is also 4-5 cm high, and they are in good growth condition. In the future, the experiments on the whole life cycle of Arabidopsis thaliana and rice in space from seed to seed will be completed. During the experiment, the astronauts will collect samples, cryopreserve them, and finally return to the ground with the astronauts for elevation, analysis ….

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