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More than One year ago on 24th November 2020, the Chang Zheng – Long March Five Carrier Rocket Launched away  in CNSA – China National Space Administration China Wenchang spaceport launch, Change Five  Lunar probe into orbit, opened up towards China – People’s Republic of China’s first celestial bodies sample return trip from Mons Rumker on the Lunar Surface of the moon in which now on the week of 12th July a new series Popular Science Documentary named the “The Magical Chang’e 5” Popular Science Documentary Officially Released in Beijing- China – People’s Republic of China…  


On July 12th 2022, the popular science documentary “The Magical Chang’e 5” jointly produced by the National Space Administration and the China Association for Science and Technology was officially released in Beijing. Shu Wei, secretary of the Secretariat of the China Association for Science and Technology, and Dong Baotong, deputy director of the National Space Administration, attended the press conference and delivered speeches. Hu Hao, the chief designer of the third phase of the lunar exploration project, and relevant comrades from the China Association for Science and Technology, the National Space Administration, the Space Foundation, and the engineering research and development units attended the conference- press conference.

On December 17, 2020, the Chang’e 5 mission, the third phase of the lunar exploration project, obtained 1,731 grams of lunar samples and returned to Earth, realizing the millennium dream of the Chinese nation “to embrace the moon in nine days”, and promoting human lunar sample research into the “Chang’e Era”. Chang’e 5 is not only a historical achievement of scientific and technological innovation, but also has a very high value for popular science. Show the lunar exploration journey of Chang’e 5 in the way of popular science, and tell the technological breakthrough of Chang’e 5 in the language of popular science, give full play to the social efficiency of major projects, and promote the process of popularization of scientific and technological resources.

Scientific and technological innovation and scientific popularization are the two wings to realize innovation and development. The popular science documentary “The Magical Chang’e 5” focuses on the key links of the Chang’e 5 mission from launch to home. It reproduces the magical journey of Chang’e’s lunar exploration in the form of records + popular science, and uses the form of documentary + animation It describes the scientific principles of Chang’e’s lunar exploration, which is a beneficial exploration of the combination of scientific and technological innovation and scientific popularization.

At the press conference, three senior consultants of the lunar exploration project sent messages via video. Academician Luan Enjie, the first commander-in-chief of the lunar exploration project, said that our lunar exploration project has embarked on a lunar exploration road with Chinese characteristics. Academician Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of the Chang’e-1 lunar application system, said that “The Magical Chang’e-5” is China’s first all-round, multi-dimensional and three-dimensional science popularization work based on the lunar exploration project. Academician Ye Peijian, chief designer and commander of the Chang’e-1 probe, said that the core technology can only rely on self-reliance. They believe that “The Magical Chang’e 5” will surely plant spiritual seeds in the hearts of young people and take our exploration to a deeper space.

Via CNSA China Space Administration –CLEP China Lunar Exploration project management office

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