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星際迷航在線 Star Trek Online During the year June 2022, on the later of the Month for the summery season event of 2022 there was a new release revising on an old classic in which updating the  updating the ShiKahr variant of the Light Cruiser family to a completely redesigned and rebuilt model. This new version of the ShiKahr has been reimagined as a mid-24th century starship, conceived as a light cruiser contemporary to the Cheyenne, Galaxy, and Nebula classes. This model was designed and built by Eric Henry, starshipwright extraordinaire….

The all new look of  ShiKahr will totally replace the old model that you once known as your starter first ship , which as of notation are phasing out as it no longer fits in with the style or quality of Star Trek Online  current generation of starships. It is noted that feel it’s important that as new players start in their Miranda, we are proud of all the visual options available to them…

In that reflection the ship reflects several inspirational elements of the from the lower decks series with the low profile warp nacelles struts and it’s durability look of the California Class with smoother lines, with the Titian look with the deflector dish assembly on top.. the engineering and saucer section resembles of the look of the old look of the Shikhar with inspirational looks of the Luna, Galaxy, Titian class like from the old school land rover look today’s sleek Chinese SUV Jeep look …

Game Photography @KevinJamesNg

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