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As of Month of June 2022, The CNSA –China National Space Administration CLEP- China Lunar Exploration Program  Belt and Road Initiative Lunar Mission  providing Online continuously  education to Poverty Alleviation programmes in remote schools ..   In June of this year 2022, Lunar Exploration, the Aerospace Engineering Center and the Third Academy of Aerospace Engineering jointly held an online activity “Going to Deep Space” Sanli Peng boarding primary school to realize the dream of reading. In this activity, researcher Tang Yuhua of the Lunar Exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center took the development process of the lunar exploration project as the main line, explained aerospace knowledge, spread aerospace culture, brought a unique aerospace science education to the children, and broadened the students’ horizons , sowing the seeds of spaceflight dreams

As the guest speaker of this event, researcher Tang Yuhua gave lively and interesting explanations from three aspects: the historical origin of deep space exploration, the history of China’s deep space exploration, and China’s future exploration missions. The rich and wonderful aerospace stories, inspiring aerospace achievements, and interesting and educational aerospace knowledge have inspired and inspired the students. The children were engrossed, recorded carefully, and had no idea what to do. Finally, researcher Tang Yuhua expressed his ardent expectations for the children. After the lecture, the lecturer and volunteers had an online knowledge quiz with the children

After the online activity, the students of Sanlipeng boarding primary school received school bags, books, extracurricular reading materials, stationery and other school supplies carefully prepared by the volunteers. Although the epidemic prevented the volunteers from going to Sanlipeng boarding primary school, it could not stop the communication between the volunteers and the children..

Sanlipeng Boarding Primary School is a poverty-stricken mountainous area primary school in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. As the counterpart assistance unit, 304 Aerospace Third Institutes have organized volunteers to carry out voluntary service activities for the school for 9 consecutive years. In the future, the volunteers will continue to carry out more service activities and open more interesting aerospace classes, so that children can grow and become talents under the inspiration of aerospace dreams!

Images and visuals are from their Respectives source CLEP – China Lunar Exploration Project

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