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On the 28th Tuesday June 2022 China National Space Administration CMS China Manned Space Shenzhou 13 Takionaut王亞平 Wang Yaping – Wang Yaping sends blessings to graduates of Peking University 北京大学Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony at Beijing – China – People’s Republic of China… via Live stream in front of the live audiences of lecturers and students of Peking University  in which  .. Wang Yaping sends

I wish you a brilliant star river! #王亚平‘s gift to Peking University graduates ] At Peking University’s 2022 undergraduate graduation ceremony, astronaut Wang Yaping, an alumni, made his first video appearance after returning from space, sending graduation blessings to Peking University graduates, wishing everyone a better life The bright future is as bright as the galaxy in the universe!  王亚平appeared to send graduation wishes ……Happy graduation!

The whole network debut, Wang Yaping “appeared” at Peking University Graduation Ceremony# Sending blessings to Peking University graduates At #Peking University 2022 Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony , the winner of the “Second-level Aerospace Merit Medal”, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Aerospace Wang Yaping, a super astronaut of the crew brigade, a 2016 master graduate from the School of Journalism and Communication, and a 2018 doctoral student from the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, sent graduation wishes to Peking University graduates through video. After returning from space, she made her first video appearance. What blessings did she send to the students of Peking University? 王亚平 74 days later to meet with Peking University students# 王亚平’s graduation gift to Peking University students…..

中国空间站 On currently on December 2021, the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration  CSS China Space Station in which on a three to six months setting up a new home of the first three Shenzhou 13 in which spending up to on for the further construction and verifications of the systems of the CSS –China Space Station 2021 launch calendar in which currently the three Takionauts current Shenzhou 13 ……  Preparations for the six months of extension of the China Space Station  In which the currently it remains awaiting for the crew of setting up home in conducting fun scientifically onboard中国空间站..  China Space station …..

On the 16th April 2022 Saturday in between times of 09:35-10:05 hour’s morning Hong Kong SAR Beijing Time, Shenzhou13 will be back on earth in which the crew of Shenzhou 13 Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, are on their way back to Earth after a national record six-month-long mission in orbit aboard the Chinese China Space Station to preparedness for its construction calendar stage one of the year 2022 completion ….

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