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On 7th April 2022 0747 Hours Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time , the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration  launching from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center – Inner Mongolia –China – People’s Republic of China, successfully  Gaofen 3 third series 1-meter C-SAR 02 satellite (GF-3C) with the Chang Zheng – Long March 4C carrier rocket on the satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit , the launch mission was a complete success. The satellite is mainly used to obtain reliable and stable high-resolution SAR images, and to provide operational application data support for my country’s marine development, terrestrial environmental resource monitoring, and emergency disaster prevention and mitigation. This launch is the fourth launch mission of the ChangZheng –Long March 4C Carrier Rocket model this year!

In the month of  October 2021, during the launch of the Gaofen-3 02 satellite, it encountered the epidemic situation in Ejina Banner. Mission accomplished. While carrying out the Gaofen-3 03 satellite launch mission, they encountered the Shanghai epidemic again. The test team chose to “stick to the spot”, wash away the dust and then go to the front line to continue to undertake the task of this mission. So far, many team members have made 3 consecutive rounds. In combat, the dedication spirit of the model “I am on my own, and I am on demand” has been fully carried forward.

Gaofen-3 03 satellite is a business satellite in the “National Civil Space Infrastructure Medium and Long-term Development Plan (2015-2025)”. The technical status of the satellite is the same as that of Gaofen-3 02 satellite. The orbiting Gaofen-3 01 and Gaofen-3 02 satellites are in network operation. Samsung joins hands to weave a “sky-eye net” in space to achieve 1-meter resolution and 1-day revisit, which will greatly improve my country’s radar Satellite sea and land observation capabilities.

Among with the Amazing Chang Zheng – Long March 4C Carrier Rocket  test team! Shanghai Takionauts adn team cheer for Shanghai with “success” Many members of the Chang Zheng – Long March 4C Carrier Rocket  test team that carried out this launch mission have already fought 3 consecutive rounds. In order to alleviate the team members’ worries about the Shanghai family, the units of the Eighth Hospital delivered epidemic prevention and living materials to the team members’ families in a timely manner, so as to solve the worries of the test team members. Today, the Chang Zheng Long March 4C rocket and all the test team made a strong response from the astronauts with the complete success of the mission, and cheered for Shanghai!

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