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More than One year ago on 24th November 2020, the Chang Zheng – Long March Five Carrier Rocket Launched away  in CNSA – China National Space Administration China Wenchang spaceport launch, Change Five  Lunar probe into orbit, opened up towards China – People’s Republic of China’s first celestial bodies sample return trip from Mons Rumker on the Lunar Surface.……  

​​On the 1st March 2022 Tuesday, Issued on 28th of February 2022 it’s the third-phase ground application system of the lunar exploration it is hereby announced that the fourth batch of lunar scientific research samples for the Chang’e 5 mission will be released online. The public can visit the CNSA China National Space Administration CLEP China Lunar Exploration and Deep Space Exploration Network, enter the Lunar and Deep Space Exploration Scientific Data and Sample Release System, obtain relevant information, and apply for scientific research samples. 

Via CNSA China Space Administration –CLEP China Lunar Exploration project management office

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