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During January 2022 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..   The gradual replacement of existing trains with new Korean-manufactured Rotem trains is part of the crucial preparations for the commencement of the East Rail Line (EAL) cross-harbour extension. Before running on the EAL, each new train has to go through a series of inspections and testing. Let’s have a look at a behind-the-scenes video featuring the pre-running preparations! East Rail Line Cross Harbour Extension……

We are committed to enhancing our services and barrier-free facilities at stations for all passengers with different needs. Our station staff will provide assistance proactively. Let’s enjoy the caring journey!

Also During February 2022 Enjoy Your inclusive Journey in which there’s numerous Changes renovations underway …. Wide gates in which makes in Convenient to walk through with other items in which undertaking with Barrier Free Access among the alternations is Passenger lifts in which provide Convenient Connection among with the improvements is Button Sensor very Carefree…

As part of the Customer services on ground Stations Roving Teams Proactively assist you  in which either or a Drone …. Among with the many improvement is the Baby Care Rooms in which committed to enhancing our services and facilities at stations ….

The upgraded MTR Mobile provides you with real-time cross-transport mode information. Making your every journey easy.. ! In which using your MTR Mobile with cross transport mode read Time Information with multiple comprehensive information in which gives you accurate Estimated waiting Time with Better Control… the All New MTR Hong Kong Eco system informational displays show train Car Loading Information Ease…  Among the station is a with Children’s Playground with interactive Reading robot drones.. In which we are committed to continuously upgrading MTR Mobile with our service with the enhancement of smart technology. …

As part of the Stations upgrading with the introduction of smarts Toilets with Convenience and Hygiene with services with the enhancement of smart technologies with cleaning robotic Drones   .  

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