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During January 2022 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..   The gradual replacement of existing trains with new Korean-manufactured Rotem trains is part of the crucial preparations for the commencement of the East Rail Line (EAL) cross-harbour extension. Before running on the EAL, each new train has to go through a series of inspections and testing. Let’s have a look at a behind-the-scenes video featuring the pre-running preparations! East Rail Line Cross Harbour Extension……

During the month of January 2022 East Rail Line cross-harbour extension enters trial operations stage The East Rail Line (EAL) cross-harbour extension service reached another major milestone today with the commencement of trial operations! All the railway construction works have been substantially completed and the baton was passed to the Operations Team. The upcoming tasks include the system run-in of various train services and station facilities, train trial runs and a series of drills and exercises. Delivering the best customer service is of the utmost importance for the opening of the EAL cross-harbour extension.

What were the preparations works done by the Construction Team before the handover? Why are trial operations one of the major milestones for commissioning a new railway line? Let’s take a look at a video on the trial operations for the EAL cross-harbour extension!


貫通港九新界嘅 #東鐵綫過海段 今日正式踏入 #試營運 階段啦!試營運階段代表工程團隊已經大致完成建造工程嘅任務,嚟緊就會由營運團隊接力,進行通車前嘅準備工作,包括鐵路服務同車站設施嘅系統測試、列車試運行同埋一系列嘅演練,務求通車之後為乘客帶嚟最好嘅服務!


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