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中国空间站 On currently on the week of January 2022, CNSA –China National Space Administration  crews and its sister organisations working hard together the Aerospace business is booming before the Chinese Lunar New Year on 1st February 2022 making way for the year of tiger in which also the Spring Festival makes ways for the Beijing winter Olympics  – Para Olympics 2022….. The Spring Festival is approaching. On the front line of major aerospace engineering tasks, the employees of our airline are still dedicated to the final assembly of products. Everyone expressed that they will make persistent efforts and go all out to ensure success! #China Aerospace’s 2022# is exciting and exciting. I hope they can successfully complete their pre-holiday tasks, arrange their life during the festival新年

During the leading up with an increasing China Aerospace’s 2022 launch schedule  with new advance variants of Chang Zheng –Long March in which Looking forward to our new Chang Zheng – Long March  carrier rocket! The Chang Zheng 8 test team is expected to enter the field after the Spring Festival] Not long ago, the  Chang Zheng – Long March Carrier rocket has arrived at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, and the test team is expected to enter the field after the Spring Festival. As my country’s first new-generation launch vehicle with solid-liquid combination, it combines the advantages of large solid power thrust, stable liquid power thrust and high specific impulse. Zhang Liang, deputy chief engineer of the rocket, said: “Everyone in the team is dedicated to preparing for the work and going all out to ensure success.”

The final assembly of the Chang Zheng  Long March 7 rocket has been completed, and the final assembly of the Chang Zheng Long March 2F Yao 15 Carrier Rockets and the Chang Zheng- Long March 5B Yao 3 and Yao 4 rockets are progressing in an orderly manner …. This year, the Aerospace Science and Technology Group plans to arrange more than 40 space launch missions, which will be completed Six major manned spaceflight missions, including two cargo spacecraft, two Shenzhou spacecraft and the launch of experimental module I and experimental module II, as well as on-orbit rendezvous and docking, out-vehicle activities and spacecraft return missions, all​​​ …

【work hard together! Our aerospace business is booming! ], and #新年# !
(Photo by Su Dong, Fan Wei, Zhang Liang, Fan Wenchao) ​​​

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