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During January 2022 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..   The gradual replacement of existing trains with new Korean-manufactured Rotem trains is part of the crucial preparations for the commencement of the East Rail Line (EAL) cross-harbour extension. Before running on the EAL, each new train has to go through a series of inspections and testing. Let’s have a look at a behind-the-scenes video featuring the pre-running preparations! East Rail Line Cross Harbour Extension……

#東鐵綫過海段 通車後,大家就可以搭全新韓仔 #Rotem 列車,又快又方便咁來回港島同新界!其實每架新列車投入服務前,都要經過一連串嚴謹檢查同埋測試,先可以正式同大家見面! 而家就為大家送上列車預備花絮,睇下新列車喺由初到埗直至投入服務前嘅各項準備工作啦! 有咗東鐵綫過海段同屯馬綫,以後去東南西北都咁方便! #東鐵綫過海段 #一程東鐵過海 #連接港九新界 #過海新選擇

[Train Testing of East Rail Line Cross-Harbour Extension Enters a New Phase] Following the completion of the stress test of the signalling system last December, the next phase of train testing for the East Rail Line (EAL) cross-harbour extension commenced on 24 January. 11 trains ran on a section of the EAL through the Hong Kong’s fourth cross-harbour railway tunnel to Exhibition Centre Station and Admiralty Station. This test was to simulate the train service after commencement of the new section for evaluation of train service performance, such as train punctuality. Additional testing will be conducted during non-traffic hours on several nights between late January and April. Let’s take a sneak peek of trains entering the new platforms!

【速報:東鐵綫過海段列車測試進入下一階段!】 為咗準備東鐵綫過海段,各個團隊都喺度密密做緊各項準備工作,繼12月完成咗信號系統嘅壓力測試後,我哋1月24日開始咗另一階段嘅列車測試,有11列列車行走東鐵綫部分現有路段,並經過第四條鐵路過海隧道,去到會展站同金鐘站啦!今次測試係為咗模擬通車後嘅列車服務表現,包括列車埋站嘅情況同是否準時等。測試將會陸續喺1月底至4月個別夜晚嘅非行車時間進行。小編有少少尋晚列車入新月台嘅片段,立即俾大家睇睇!

During this February 2021 Trial operations for Tuen Ma Line full line commence!……… Month of first on the Year of the Ox  .. Trial operations have begun on the Tuen Ma Line to gear up for full line opening and trial run of trains during traffic hours is underway. Let’s take a ride on the new section from East Tsim Sha Tsui Station to the new Sung Wong Toi Station from the train captain’s view!

On the 16th February 2021, trains will be arranged to enter the new section of the Tuen Ma Line for trial operations after they arrive at Kai Tak Station. We will have public announcements and deploy staff to remind passengers to alight from the trains at this terminal station. Meanwhile, passengers will also be arranged to board trains at Platform 2 of Kai Tak Station.

During December 2020 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..  in which ever so constantly the MTR Hong Kong have been grown innovatively providing  In order to provide faster and more convenient rail services Between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon- New Territories in the future the East Rail Line cross Harbour section tunnel is ready now.. in which makes it the fourth cross harbour rail tunnel in Hong Kong SAR- China- People’s Republic of China.. ….in which let’s see what’s the preparation are. …. The Bifurcation Works of the East Rail Line is approaching their most Crucial Phase, The Works will soon connecting the operationally sections in between Hung Hom – Exhibition Center – Admiralty stations in crossing the Harbour to the Hong Kong Island by the East Rail line with the Cross Harbour Section…. 

in which there’s been major Tracks Modifications innovatively to carry out the complicated engineering works on the operating sections on Overhead lines as part of the massive installation work among the Advance works there will be train suspensions in between Lok Ma Chau and Lo Wu that connects towards the Tai Wai Stations in which also to Mong Kok East Station on towards Hung Hom on no Train services between Mong Kong and Hung Hom sections on certain dates..

It’s Also best to keep updated on using the MTR Mobile App to Facilitates Passengers to plan Their Journeys earlier.. in which also In Station publicity Information informality passengers through various channels..   on alternatives on other MTR Lines, Other Public Transport, Free Shuttle buses.. also Passengers may go to customer services centers for enquires about any fair issues .. also best to arranges reserve travelling time.. Bifurcation works on East Rail Line is a large-scale and complex project, especially on an existing running line. The works not only include track reconfiguration, installation of overhead line and modification of part of the existing signalling system equipment, but also involve testing and fine-tuning. Despite these challenges, our team has carried out thorough planning along the way with regular inspections and tests to ensure that the works will be carried out smoothly and safely.

At the Station Staff will assistance to passengers with announcements with more staff to provide more assistances in which Opening of the Full Tuen Ma Line is expected to open in the 2021 year as the Opening of the East Rail line crossing Harbour section is expected in 2022.. ..  

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