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On the months of December 2021  天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿CNSA – China National Space Administration – ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One …….祝融号Zhu Rong”  Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer of China’s first Mars exploration mission, was selected as one of the ten greatest figures of the year in Nature

At 0:00 on December 16th 2021 Thursday, Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time, the international authoritative scientific magazine “Nature” published the top ten figures of 2021, and Zhang Rongqiao, the chief designer of my country’s first Mars exploration mission, was selected. On May 15, 2021, China’s Mars rover “Tianwen One” successfully landed on the pre-selected landing zone on the surface of Mars. China became the second country in the world to successfully land on Mars and deploy a Mars rover. After the “Zhurong” Mars rover sent back telemetry signals, the flight control center in Beijing lit up a festive red screen, and the engineer excitedly shouted “Hello, Mars!” Zhang Rongqiao took off his glasses silently at this time, tears in his eyes.

The character of the year in “Nature” describes Zhang Rongqiao as “Mars explorer”. Mars is a space nightmare for many countries. So far, the overall success rate is only about 50%, and the success rate for landing missions is only a little over 40%. China’s first Mars exploration mission completed the three major goals of Mars orbiting, landing and patrolling. It is even more difficult and risky. Behind the steadily accomplishing the three goals is the effort to “grind a sword in ten years.” “In order to win today’s first battle, we started planning 10 years ago. We have worked hard for 6 years, held at the launch site for 110 days, and held at the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center for 202 days. The first victory was to orbit Mars. After that, I held on for another 93 days to this day. What is the purpose? It is for today’s final victory!” Zhang Rongqiao said excitedly at the flight control center on May 15th.

At a press conference held by the National Space Administration in Beijing on June 12, Zhang Rongqiao said, “Achieving a circumnavigation in one step means that the development is more difficult. To put it more plainly, the possibility of failure increases. For our developers, we can bear it. Zhang Rongqiao said. Fortunately, there is the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, and there are government organizations at all levels, especially the powerful organization of the National Space Administration, including the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the launch site and measurement and control The competent departments have vigorously coordinated, and the fire detection research and development personnel have worked hard and overcome difficulties. “To put it more bluntly, it is the fire-detector’s vigor. We succeeded today. Looking back, the choice of this technical route is very correct.” Zhang Rongqiao said that overall it is more cost-effective, especially in terms of technology. It can achieve leapfrog development and make my country enter the world’s advanced ranks in the field of planetary exploration in a relatively short period of time. “Therefore, we said that the first Mars exploration mission was based on China’s national conditions and embarked on a path of aerospace development with Chinese characteristics.”

In the future, China will implement deep space exploration missions such as Mars sampling and return missions, near-Earth asteroid sampling and return and main belt comet orbiting missions, Jupiter system orbiting and planetary crossing missions. “Looking up at the stars and keeping your feet on the ground” are two words that Zhang Rongqiao likes very much. He said: “This is precisely what society needs for each of us, and it is a way for us to settle down in society. We need to stand on the present and look to the future.” Zhang Rongqiao Said: “Our knowledge and understanding of the universe is still very superficial. We should see that the world beyond the cradle is infinitely vast. Innovation never ends.”

The Top Ten People of the Year in Nature are records of important scientific developments and events this year, as well as some of the key figures and their colleagues. The top ten figures were selected by the editors of Nature and gathered individuals who influenced some of the most important scientific events in 2021.

(The original website link https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-03621-0)

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