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On the 14th December Tuesday 2021   in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China At 0009 morning hours Hong Kong –Beijing Time on an. China successfully launched Satellites using the Chang Zheng Long March 3B Yiyao 82 carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province….. Successfully launches Tianlian 2 02 satellite According to the latest news of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group…..

The Chang Zheng  Long March 3B carrier rocket ignited into the sky at  Xichang Satellite Launch Center, successfully flying Tianlian 2 02 satellite It was sent to the predetermined orbit and the launch mission was a complete success. This is the first step in the Long March series of rocket launches from 400 to 500 launches schedule this launch is the 401st launch of the Long March series of carrier rocket …. .

Tianlian-2 02 was developed by the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It is my country’s second-generation geosynchronous orbit data relay satellite. It is mainly used to provide data relay for manned spacecraft such as spacecraft, space laboratories, and space stations. And measurement and control services, provide data relay and measurement and control services for medium and low orbit resource satellites, and provide measurement and control support for spacecraft launches in which number of relay satellites in orbit in China has increased to 7, and the line-up of “relay satellite clusters” has been upgraded again. The robustness, reliability, and flexible service capabilities of the system have been further improved.

Tianlian-2 02 is the first equipped satellite of China’s second-generation data relay satellite system. This launch is also the 401st launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets. The satellite was successfully launched It marks that China has taken an important step towards a new generation of relay satellite system networking, and will further enhance China’s space-based measurement and control and data relay capabilities.

Tianlian-2 02 was developed by the General Department of Communications and Navigation Satellites of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group. It will provide users with measurement, control and data for manned spacecraft, remote sensing meteorology and other low- and mid-orbit satellites, launch vehicles and other non-spacecraft users. Following the service. The satellite is developed by using the Dongfanghong-4 satellite public platform. Compared with the Tianlian-2 launching satellite, the satellite fully inherits the technology status of the launching satellite, and its ability to serve multiple users is enhanced to meet the simultaneous access needs of more users; at the same time; The satellite can work in different orbital positions and has strong orbital adaptability, which improves the maneuverability and flexibility of the satellite in orbit; the localization rate of the satellite’s single-machine is significantly increased, and the development cycle is greatly shortened, which verifies the Tianlian-2 satellite The ability to develop rapidly provides support for the subsequent second-generation relay multi-satellite rapid on-orbit networking, and accelerates the pace of my country’s space-based measurement and control and transmission network construction- Fifth Academy of Aerospace Engineering…

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