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In that recently newly Staff members in November 2021, the Hong Kong Airport Authority- Hong Kong International Airport- Hong Kong International Airport City  in which introducing the Autonomous Transport System..  On Developing Active Autonomous Transport System…

In which introducing the Autonomous Patrol Car is the World’s leading first Autonomous Patrol Car operating at the Airports restricted area, provisionally assisting daily patrols at airport perimeter  in which strengthens airport security .. .. Autonomous Patrol Car is modified from an electric vehicle with its’ modifications equipped with LiDar Sensors – DGPS- HD Cameras ….. additionally with independent safety override system Security Staff can monitor operation Simultaneously … the Autonomous Patrol Car  could perform a perfect U-turn automatically – Stops automatically when obstruction detected. Equipped with video analystics technology it audio warning for human activities within three meters from the security fence …. Also performing Detection of razor wire irregularities.  Operates around the clock performing duties under inclement weather.. Tasked with perimeter patrols along the South Runway Road, the APCs scan the area for potential intrusions and detect irregularities in the razor wire along the airport boundaries. If they find abnormalities, the APCs set off an alarm to alert the controller of the Remote Monitoring Unit at the Integrated Airport Centre. The APCs are also fitted with LiDAR sensors and an ultra-precise Differential Global Positioning System that enable them to avoid obstacles and operate safely

Introducing World’s first autonomous baggage tractor in a live airport operation , in which started operations in year 2019, Baggage delivery to and from Skypier…  the trial extended to cargo apron in 2021 for Cargo delivery

Autonomous Passenger Bus… in which is trails for the airport’s staff in airports restricted Area in 2022, it has been to Commence operations in 2023.. To connect Hong Kong port and SKYCITY in 2024 to extend to Tung Chung Town Centre in the near soon presently…  

Images and visuals are of from Hong Kong International Airport – Lantau Island – Hong Kong SAR- China- People’s Republic of China

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