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In which iSpace- Interstellar Glory in which it is the first Chinese Private Space Company to do so successfully commercially first out from sixty known private space companies in China People’s Republic of China…  Founded in Beijing 2016 located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone or known for short as E-Town in Capital of China – People’s Republic of China …

Currently Visually on 25th November 2021 Showcasing it’s Reusable Carrier Rockets also it Reusable ecosystem  Hyperbola One: A small solid carrier rocket, with a four-stage solid configuration, with a total length of 24 meters, a diameter of 1.4 meters, a take-off mass of 42 tons, and a 500-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit. Less than 300 kg, 700 km sun-synchronous orbit carrying capacity is not less than 230 kg.

Hyperbola II: Reusable small liquid launch vehicle, adopts a two-stage series configuration, the first and second stages adopt 15-ton reusable liquid oxygen methane liquid rocket engine Focus No. 1 (JD-1), one of which 9 units are installed and 1 unit is installed in the second level. The diameter of the first-class rocket body is 3.35 meters, and the diameter of the second-class rocket body is 2.25 meters. The total length of the rocket is about 28 meters, the take-off weight is about 90 tons, the maximum carrying capacity of low-Earth orbit is 1.9 tons, and the carrying capacity of 500km SSO orbit is 1.1 tons (non-recovery)/0.7 tons (first-stage recovery). The first stage of the rocket has a vertical landing recovery function, which can be reused more than 30 times.

Hyperbolic III series liquid launch vehicle: medium and large reusable liquid launch vehicle, including SQX-3 basic type, SQX-3A (two-core stage parallel connection), SQX-3B (three-core stage parallel connection) three configurations, carrying Capability can meet the needs of a variety of load tasks. In addition to meeting large-scale satellite networking, medium and large-scale satellite launch tasks, it also has the capabilities of space station cargo transportation and deep space exploration also for Space Plane for crew transportation

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