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During this year of November 2021 and the year of 2021 of the eleventh anniversary of Star Trek Online in which during that month there’s been many surprises of updates one is the new hulling plating customisations of The Galaxy Class Starship in which introduces more of the updates from the tenth Anniversary out from the legendary bundles in Star trek Online Legacy .. in which many the standard hulling textures that’s given throughout each series in which various new hulling outfitting’s that’s been displayed throughout each star trek series. In which come with in which this month of September 2020 there’s been numerous amounts of texturing extremely detailing in which to get that sense of realism …..

During this November 2021  is the introduction of new Theme is being Agile Small Cute, fast, stealthy adaptively adorable introducing the Da Vinci Miracle Worker Escort Tier Six – the very youngest sister but cutest like her eldest sister the Saber, Gladius Class in which are within their own rights   The USS da Vinci (NCC-81623) was a 24th century Federation starship, a Saber-class light cruiser/destroyer in Starfleet service, commissioned circa the year 2370…. Upon its launch, command of the da Vinci was given to Captain David Gold, while Commander Salek was assigned as head of the SCE contingent…. The da Vinci was nearly destroyed in 2376 when caught in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet Galvan VI. More than half of the ship’s complement died on this mission……

The 364.77 Meters long  Da Vinci Miracle Worker Escort –Tier Six The modern design of many Federation escorts eschew the old visuals of graceful necks and extended pylons, in lieu of a squat and compact design that favours rapid transfer of subsystem power and fewer structural integrity stress focal points. These technological improvements in turn are typically utilized to give these vessels increased maneuverability or firepower. However, in the case of the new Da Vinci, many of these integrated improvements are also being utilized in novel and inventive ways, allowing the vessel to support experimental technology and techniques that ships of its size are rarely known for….. on addition of featuring a new Bridge Stationing  Commander Tactical / Miracle Worker Specialist Bridge Officer seat……

Tactically Da Vinci Miracle Worker Escort – it can be armed in with two ways depending on you bridge crew abilities also yours, yours as captain abilities. Basically the ship is counter to the Defiant and Saber class its sister’s variants with more of style of being not a single hulling, small, nimble and cute basically also it’s a Dual cannon/ dual beam array/ torpedoes and turrets at the rear   in which with forwarding attacking with forwarding cannons, torpedoes and rear turrets in which the Bridge officer station seating demonstrates that  One Lt Commander Tactical, One Commander Tactical / Miracle Worker, One Lt Commander Engineering, One Ensign Science, One Lieutenant Universal….  Basically also Tactical in combination as an Engineering and Science ship …. Orthough it’s not as agile nimble like the Equinox Class with its turn rate of Seventeen it out Maneuvers the Da Vinci Class of a turn rate of Sixteen. …..for this class its best for utilizing a Engines to Weapons Warp Core given it modifications of Plus10 Weapon Power, Plus5 Shield Power, Plus10 Engine Power, Plus5 Auxiliary Power…. In which that type of warp core can used in both ways of decreasing weapons cool downs, also sustaining ships Subsystems of Auxiliary power..

Experimental Weapon – Gatling Emitter This weapon will take a few seconds to spin up and lock on to your current foe, after which it is designed to rapidly deal damage until the foe is no longer a valid target. It cannot be manually re-targeted, and will instead continue attacking the designated foe until they die, move out of range, or otherwise can no longer be attacked.

Console – Universal – Troyius Protocol…..This equipment draws inspiration for its name from a technique once developed by Starfleet Corps of Engineers, which caused the entire planet of Troyius to temporarily disappear from visuals and sensors. This process was preceded by a massive power build-up which this modernized suite of technology employs to grant temporary bonuses to any starship that activates the protocol.

Activating the Troyius Protocol causes the starship to take shunt additional power to weapons systems before then activating a cloak-like effect, accompanied by a quick boost of hull and shield regeneration.

This console also provides a passive bonus to Outgoing Hull Healing and Reduces Weapon Power Drain.

Starship Trait – Energy Overdrive –Activating Beam Overload, Fire at Will or Exceed Rated Limits will increase Beam Weapon Damage, Speed and Turn Rate for 10 seconds.

The percentage Beam Damage increase is based on proximity to enemy target.

At close range, a 50% Beam Weapon Damage bonus can be achieved and at Long Range, this trait is still gives a 10% bonus

Tactically Da Vinci Miracle Worker Escort Specifications Tier Six.. via Star Trek Online.

Faction: Federation and Federation-Aligned

Required Rank: Must complete the Tutorial

Hull Modifier: 1.1

Shield Modifier: 0.9

Fore Weapons: 4

Aft Weapons: 3

Device Slots: 2

Bridge Officer Stations: 1x Lt Commander Tactical, 1x Commander Tactical / Miracle Worker, 1x Lt Commander Engineering, 1x Ensign Science, 1x Lieutenant Universal

Consoles: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science, 1 Universal (scales with level)

Base Turn Rate: 16

Impulse Modifier: 0.2

Inertia: 65

+10 Weapon Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Engine Power, +5 Auxiliary Power

Console – Universal – Troyius Protocol

Can Equip Dual Cannons

Experimental Weapon Slot, equipped with Gatling Emitter

“Innovation” Abilities

Starship Ability Package (Escort)

Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)

Tactical Maneuvers (+Defense)

Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)

Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Chance)

Energy Overdrive
(Starship Trait)

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