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On the  22nd  October 2021 Friday 天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿CNSA – China National Space Administration – ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One …….”祝融号Zhu Rong”  previously on 30th August 2021 Mars Lander – Mars rover successfully exploring more than 1064 meters from its base lander camp.. Roamingly on the Rustic half diameter planet size Red planet Mars on Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Earth Wednesday time…  In which new mileage: “Zhu Rong” Mars Rover ….Sailing in the galaxy, strolling through the glamorous rustic environment in talking it’s adventure with Tianwen 1 Martian communications probe orbiting the Red Planet… in which “Zhurong” Mars rover completes scheduled exploration mission…

日凌结束,天问一号恢复科学探测Sun Ling ends, Tianwen No.1 resumes scientific exploration

In late September 2021, the Earth, Mars and the three sides to the sun almost in a straight line, a phenomenon known as Ling day. During this period, the communication between the Mars rover and the earth was disturbed by the sun’s electromagnetic radiation, which was unstable or even interrupted. During the transit period, the “Tianwen-1” orbiter and the “Zhurong” Mars rover entered autonomous operation mode and suspended scientific exploration work. In order to find out the actual impact of Riling, the engineering development team continued to carry out measurement and control link tracking tests, and for the first time obtained measured data on the interference of deep-space measurement and control communications under Riling, and accumulated first-hand data and engineering experience for subsequent tasks to deal with Riling.


The astronomical phenomenon of occultation during the solar transit provides scientists with a rare opportunity to observe the solar transit occultation. The Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, the National Space Science Center and other units, together with the European VLBI Institute, the University of Tasmania in Australia and other institutions, used Wettzell and Yebes located in Shanghai, Kunming, Urumqi, and Europe. ), Medicina, Svetloe, Zelenchukskaya, Badary, Hobart, Keith, Russia The radio telescopes in Kath, Yarra, and Hartebeesthoek in South Africa carried out the same beam day for the “Tianwen-1” orbiter and the “Mars Express” orbiter (MEX). Ling observation. A total of about 5 terabytes of data have been obtained in this observation. At present, the parties are conducting joint research. By analyzing the influence of the electromagnetic wave signals transmitted by the two detectors back to the earth through the solar wind, the fluctuations in the interplanetary electron density caused by the intrinsic turbulence of the solar wind are studied. Scientific issues such as the relationship between solar wind micro-turbulence and macro-wind speed.


A few days ago, the solar transit phenomenon has ended, and the measurement and control communication between the probe and the earth has returned to normal. Judging from the telemetry data, the “Tianwen No. 1” was in normal condition during the solar transit and passed the first solar transit safely. The orbiter will enter the remote sensing mission orbit in early November to carry out global remote sensing exploration of Mars to obtain scientific data such as Mars morphology and geological structure, surface material composition and soil type distribution, atmospheric ionosphere, and Martian space environment, while taking into account the development of the rover mission Phase of relay communication.


Images and visuals are from CNSA- China National Space Administration also from there respectives..

Author: Geng Yan Chen Gang

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