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During September 2021 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..  In which ever so constantly the MTR Hong Kong have been grown innovatively providing In order to provide faster and more convenient rail services for the residents of Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China ….have release a Funky Remix rapping song premise of featuring鐵仔T’Chai – Go check out T-Chai’s first rapping MV in Cantonese (with English subtitles) about travel courtesy right now! … in which Want to know how to be a good MTR passenger?

Special thanks to Ray Chan for the vocal performance


 We should all pay attention to travel courtesy It’s all about being considerate

Sing together “ride with manners” and treat others with respect (Yeah)

It’s difficult to board a train when the entrance is blocked So, let’s move inside the train compartment and win everyone’s appreciation

Enjoy playing it loud on your phone? But you are not at home So let’s care for others and be considerate, thanks

Do not rush in for seats but pay attention to your surroundings Offer your seat to anyone in need and win a round of applause

(Everybody say) It’s easy to move inside the train compartment (Yo) Lower the mobile phone volume for a more pleasant journey (Yeah) Be a neighbourhood hero and offer your seat to anyone in need (Yo) We can all do better when travelling Sing together “ride with manners”

搭車要守禮究竟點樣做?鐵仔rap住教你一定做得到,即刻睇片check it out!



搭車守禮要識得 識do先叫有公德

禮靜讓 全部人一齊唱 跟住唱 做得好值得表揚 (Yeah)

門口乘客迫迫地 頂住人哋點樣企 行入中間最有禮 個個見到比個like

手機播到咁大聲 當車廂係你個廳 保持安靜一句thanks 為人為己你最精

搭車唔係爭櫈仔 企吓亦唔會蝕底 不如起身讓個位 人人拍手比你睇

(Everybody say) 車廂記住行入啲 齊齊守禮好Easy (Yo) 享受旅程安靜啲 寧靜車廂大家支持 (Yeah) 讓座人人開心啲 顧己及人有意義 (Yo) 搭車一齊做好啲 記住禮靜讓呢三個字 記住禮靜讓呢三個字

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