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Located in the heart of West Kowloon Cultural District is the ICC – International Commerce Center  484 Tower Building the Highest tower building in Hong Kong SAR next to on Hong Kong Island IFC 416 meters tall building in Hong Kong SAR – China- People’s Republic of China is Hong Kong SAR’s newest City Park in which becoming West Kowloon Art Park District in which gives abundances show casting  of multiplies of Chinese – Hong Kong’s  local to international arts in all forms premises and genres..  

Featuring a sprawling promenade, sweeping views of the Victoria Harbour, open lawn spaces and footpaths, the Art Park is an urban oasis for recreation, relaxation and pets. From bistros and pet-friendly cafes to fine dining experiences, the Art Park offers a plethora of harbourfront dining options. A variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment options are also available here, including Freespace, a contemporary performing arts centre. Amenities include rentable SmartBikes and bottle-filling water dispensers at multiple locations.

藝術公園擁有寬闊的海濱長廊、一覽無遺的維港景緻及綠意盎然的草坪,適合與小朋友消閒休憩、跟友人愛侶歡度時光,或與寵物暢快玩樂,是集多種功能於一身的城市綠洲。 藝術公園沿海濱提供了多項餐飲美食體驗,酒吧、寵物友善餐廳、精緻奢華的高級餐廳都包羅其中。 這裏有各種室內和戶外娛樂活動選擇,包括表演藝術場地自由空間。藝術公園亦提供SmartBike單車租賃服務,並設有多部盛水式水機,讓你隨時隨地補充水分。

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