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Currently  in Zhuhai City is China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition -Air show China  in which is currently running in between 28th  September to 3rd October 2021 Zhuhai City –Guangdong province Greater Bay Area of China- People’s Republic of China….  In which iSpace – Interstellar Glory Main exhibits at this Zhuhai Air Show …..

Showcasting it’s Reusable Carrier Rockets also it Reusable ecosystem  Hyperbola One: A small solid carrier rocket, with a four-stage solid configuration, with a total length of 24 meters, a diameter of 1.4 meters, a take-off mass of 42 tons, and a 500-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit. Less than 300 kg, 700 km sun-synchronous orbit carrying capacity is not less than 230 kg.

Hyperbola II: Reusable small liquid launch vehicle, adopts a two-stage series configuration, the first and second stages adopt 15-ton reusable liquid oxygen methane liquid rocket engine Focus No. 1 (JD-1), one of which 9 units are installed and 1 unit is installed in the second level. The diameter of the first-class rocket body is 3.35 meters, and the diameter of the second-class rocket body is 2.25 meters. The total length of the rocket is about 28 meters, the take-off weight is about 90 tons, the maximum carrying capacity of low-Earth orbit is 1.9 tons, and the carrying capacity of 500km SSO orbit is 1.1 tons (non-recovery)/0.7 tons (first-stage recovery). The first stage of the rocket has a vertical landing recovery function, which can be reused more than 30 times.

Hyperbolic III series liquid launch vehicle: medium and large reusable liquid launch vehicle, including SQX-3 basic type, SQX-3A (two-core stage parallel connection), SQX-3B (three-core stage parallel connection) three configurations, carrying Capability can meet the needs of a variety of load tasks. In addition to meeting large-scale satellite networking, medium and large-scale satellite launch tasks, it also has the capabilities of space station cargo transportation and deep space exploration…

Images-visuals are from Weibo and their respectives..

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