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凌空天行, Lingkong Tianxing Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology Co., Ltd. Located Primary Office T3, Han’s Plaza, No. 2 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing the Capital of China – People’s Republic of China…. It’s  is a domestic technology enterprise engaged in the research and development and application of commercial hypersonic flight products. It is understood that Lingkong Tianxing has passed the preliminary demonstration, and it is clear from the technical verification platform to suborbital space tourism aircraft …global superb The technical route development plan of the sonic aircraft has achieved a number of key technological breakthroughs. Also its Space Transportation designs and manufactures space transport systems intended to reduce space exploration costs. It specializes in developing reusable commercial space transport vehicles, aiming to reduce commercial launch costs associated with re-entry and carrier recycling..  it is also among sixty Plus Chinese Private Carrier Rocket Launcher providers companies in the making to Commercialisation….

Currently on the Month of September 2021, On September 12th 2021 Sunday’s Sub Orbital …..  Lingkong Tianxing completed the “Tianxing I” Yaoba suborbital mission this morning  At 8:45 am Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Time  on September 12, 2021, Lingkong Tianxing successfully completed the “Tianxing I” rocket Yao-8 flight test mission. This mission is the third flight test of the “Tian Xing I” rocket and the fourth flight test of the “Tian Xing” series of rockets…… This mission is for the Carrier Rocket Tianxing I . The third flight test, it is “sky ” series of rockets 4th flight test.

Previously Before on 31st August 2021 Tuesday, Lingkong Tianxing successfully completed the “Tianxing II” rocket Yaosi flight test mission…..!….. This mission is the first flight test of the “Skywalk II” rocket and the third flight test of the “Skywalk” series of rockets

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