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In which iSpace- Interstellar Glory in which it is the first Chinese Private Space Company to do so successfully commercially first out from sixty known private space companies in China People’s Republic of China…  Founded in Beijing 2016 located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone or known for short as E-Town in Capital of China – People’s Republic of China …

During the month of 3rd September 2021 iSpace- Interstellar Glory  Technology currently Developing the Ecosystem with the Reusable Carrier Rocket Hyperbola II completes the ground deployment test of the landing device…星间耀空间科技completed the ground deployment verification test for the reusable launch vehicle landing device of the Hyperbola II (code-named “SQX-2”). The test was a complete success. This is also the first time that the launch vehicle landing device has been tested in China- People’s Republic of China.

This test simulated the aerodynamic drag during flight, verified the unlocking, deployment and locking functions of the landing gear, and obtained a large amount of test data. In the future, Interstellar Glory will also carry out multiple experiments under extreme conditions to verify the reusability and reliability of the landing device, and lay the foundation for the vertical recovery and reuse of the Hyperbolic II launch vehicle…..

Images-visuals are from Weibo and their respectives..

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