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On 24th August 2021 Thursday 1915  a summery clear 1915 Hours Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Time-  CNSA –China National Space Administration  on which from Jiuquan Satellite launch Center – Inner Mongolia- China-People’s Republic of China… It successfully launched the international ionic Long March 2C- Chang Zheng 2C Carrier Rocket …..

Launching at 19:15 on August 24th 2021, at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of Inner Mongolia – China, with a violent roar, the upper stage of the Long March – Chang Zheng  2C carrier rocket/Expedition 1S with one international iconic Carrier Rocket and three satellites, three communication technology test satellites were lifted into the sky. The satellites then entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. The three communication technology test satellites launched in this mission were developed by the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Limited and are mainly used to carry out communication technology test missions….

This mission is the second launch of the upper stage of the Expedition One S, and the 385th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets……… The First Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology has developed a new product for the Long March –Chang Zheng  2C rocket: a 1.35-meter-diameter central support tube. The central bearing cylinder realizes the mechanical connection between the rocket and the satellite through the side-hung method. The multi-satellite launch can be realized by using multiple central bearing cylinders in series, which avoids the risk of multiple separation of the satellite support structure of the tandem scheme and reduces the structural weight. The central support tube structure scheme has gradually become the trend of constellation launch missions, and the Chang Zheng 2C rocket will have one arrow and twenty satellite launch missions in the future.

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