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LandSpace 蓝箭航天 One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China…   On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the party, the first phase of the Jiaxing LandSpace Blue Arrow Aerospace Center, a gathering place for the aerospace industry chain laid out in Zhejiang, was completed and will soon be put into use. Established mass production capacity for medium and large rockets, and completed the first phase of Jiaxing Blue Arrow Space Center

Jiaxing landSpace  Blue Arrow Aerospace Center is located in the Aerospace Industry Park of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. It aims to build a top aerospace industry base in the entire industry chain that integrates design simulation, testing and testing, and intelligent manufacturing.

The Jiaxing Blue Arrow Space Center project is constructed in multiple phases, with the first phase covering an area of ​​40 acres. The project consists of a large and medium-sized liquid rocket assembly and general test plant, a space technology simulation and test center and supporting facilities, and a cluster of upstream and downstream supporting industrial chain enterprises. Within three years of the project, a carrier rocket assembly and test facility cluster will be formed, including a launch vehicle assembly plant, a semi-physical simulation laboratory, a rocket comprehensive ground test room, a rocket storage tank production line, a simulation design center, and a data management center. Guarantee the mass production capacity of the basic and expanded Suzaku 2 carrier rocket.

Among them, the Space Technology Simulation and Test Center aims to lead the improvement of the industry’s digital level. The center carries functions such as the electrical comprehensive test of the control system and the measurement system, the control system half-physical simulation test, and the full-arrow electrical matching test. Through the construction of a simulation and test platform, high-precision simulation of the characteristics and flight conditions of the spacecraft, accurately obtain the single-machine performance characteristics of the control system, fully assess the design correctness of the control system and its adaptability to various flight conditions, and accelerate The company’s scientific research.

As a “chain-based” enterprise and key enterprise in high-end manufacturing, Blue Arrow Aerospace will build a regionally integrated innovation chain and industrial chain based on the production capacity layout of the Yangtze River Delta region under the guidance of the national strategy of building a powerful aerospace country. It is hoped that through the integration of the aerospace industry layout in the Yangtze River Delta region, the large-scale development process of China’s aerospace manufacturing will be started, and it will become a world-class commercial aerospace company with both commercial and national strategic values, and help the Yangtze River Delta region become an innovative highland and industry for global commercial aerospace. Resource allocation highland, to create an internationally competitive China’s commercial aerospace development demonstration zone.

LandSpace 蓝箭航天 One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China..   , LandSpace Blue Arrow Aerospace … located in Beijing (Zhonghang International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing as their main head office in Land Space’s headquarter, Beijing R&D Center is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in E-town…  in which they also have numerous branches in Xian Research and Development Center.. also Located Huzhou Intelligent Manufacturing center in providing testing as assemblies of the components together …

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