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On the Rustic half diameter planet size Red planet Mars  on Hong Kong SAR- Beijing  Earth Sunday time On June 27th  2021 , at the unveiling ceremony of the first batch of scientific visualizations  of the Tianwen-1 rover landing on Mars in Beijing, on the eve of the CPC- Communist Party of China 100 year Anniversary party’s centennial birthday of China- People’s Republic of China , the CNSA – China National Space Administration released a series of real shots of the Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission landing and patrol exploration, including the parachute and descent process of the landing patrol, and the Zhurong rover leaving the landing platform Sound and video of Mars surface movement, Mars global environment perception image, Mars rustic ​​images on Utopia Planitia…..

 On the Same Notation of the panoramic view of the landing site, the topography of Mars, the “Chinese imprint” and the image taken by the “Zhurong” rover were announced. “Photographs with the tour” and other image maps. The release of the first batch of scientific image maps marked the complete success of my country’s first Mars exploration mission.

On June 1st 2021, the WIFI separation camera of the rover took a photo with the landing platform and the rover. The camera recorded the rover’s retreating movement and turning in place. According to the WIFI camera field of view, focal length and other parameters, the staff planned the location and travel path of the camera separation. After the rover reached the separation point, the WIFI camera was released and moved back to the photo spot. The camera took a photo of the landing platform and the front of the rover. The rover makes a turn, facing the camera sideways, and takes a photo of the landing platform and the rover sideways. 

On June 16, the rover carried out global environment perception, planned the path for the subsequent stage of scientific exploration, and used the rear obstacle avoidance camera to take pictures of the rover.

[Listening to the sound from the Mars rover for the first time] In my country’s previous deep space exploration missions, images and videos are often returned. In my country’s Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission, the developers specially designed the “collection of sounds” Function. Just as the rover was leaving the landing platform, this precious sound clip was also recorded. This sound is the sound data of the departure process acquired by the recording device installed on the rover during the departure of the landing platform on May 22. The audio includes live sounds during the process of turning on the driving mechanism of the rover, driving on a ramp, and driving onto the surface of Mars.

Jia Yang, deputy chief designer of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Tianwen-1 probe: What are you hearing now? In fact, it is equivalent to the front grouser of the car. It is about 47 mm, and each small rack over there is 48 mm, so you can ensure that there is a little distance between the front rack and the front rack every time you come. . Then, after turning, it has a collision between the grouser and the rack caused by a microscopic upward and downward movement of one millimeter, which is equivalent to the sound of a metal collision. In addition to the collision sound between the rover gear and the landing platform ladder, there is also the sound of the motor working. The two sounds are mixed together to form the audio of the whole process of the rover leaving the platform.

During the interview, the reporter learned that the task of the sound collection device installed on the rover is not to collect the sound of the rover, but to hear the real sound from Mars…

天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿…….As of 11th  June 2021Friday  CNSA – China National Space Administration – ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One …….”祝融号Zhu Rong” Mars Lander – Mars rover successfully sent back telemetry towards China National Space Administration released a high-resolution image of the landing area of ​China- People’s Republic of China’s first Mars exploration Tianwen-1 mission. The image of the Zhongtianwen-1 landing platform, the “Zhurong” rover and the surrounding area are clearly visible.   Also to of the ultimate Mars Selfie of itself also it’s Mars Landing platform in releasing a high definition patches of travelling least six meters of it landing platform 天问一号-1 landing on Mars first batch of scientific images revealingly… 

Images and visuals are from Weibo of CNSA – China National Space Administration – CLEP –China Lunar Exploration Program

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