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On 17th  June 2021 Friday 9:22 a summery clear morning Hong Kong SAR- Beijing Time-  CNSA –China National Space Administration  on which from Jiuquan Satellite launch Center – Inner Mongolia- China-People’s Republic of China… It  was the  it was the first time in half decade  that the first three Takionaut –Chinese Astronaut to be launched on the 17th June 2021 Friday….Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft launched successfully…… According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, at 9:22 on June 17, 2021, Beijing time, the Long March 2 F Yao 12 carrying the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft The carrier rocket was ignited and launched on time at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. About 573 seconds later, the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft successfully separated from the rocket and entered a predetermined orbit. The three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo were successfully sent into space for flight. The crew was in good condition and the launch was a complete success

 神舟十二号开始圆满成功…….This is the 19th mission since the establishment and implementation of China’s manned space project, and it is also the first manned mission in the space station stage. After the spacecraft enters orbit, it will carry out autonomous and rapid rendezvous and docking with the core cabin of Tianhe in accordance with the predetermined procedure. During the flight of the composite body, the astronauts will be stationed in the space and core module, complete a three-month in-orbit residency, carry out manipulator operations, exit activities, etc., and verify the astronauts’ long-term residency in orbit, regenerative life support, also various items more Key technology.

At present, the combination of Tianhe core module and Tianzhou-2 is operating in a near-circular docking orbit of about 390km, and is in good condition, meeting the mission requirements for rendezvous and docking with 神舟十二号 and astronauts stationing conditions….

Space Science: What’s the use of the small box held by the astronauts] At all the astronauts’ expedition ceremonies, the astronauts will be seen carrying a small box in their hands, and this morning’s 神舟十二号 astronauts’ expedition ceremonies are not exception. According to experts, the spacesuit needs to be ventilated before the astronaut wears the spacesuit and prepares to enter the cabin. The small square box carried by the astronaut is a hand-held small portable ventilation device with a power supply and a fan to provide a certain amount of ventilation for the spacesuit. Ensure the thermal comfort of the human body.

The astronauts will leave the cabin twice and mainly complete four tasks…. According to the overall arrangement of the Shenzhou 12 manned mission, the three astronauts will mainly complete four aspects of work during the orbit. Carry out two out-of-cabin activities and out-of-cabin operations.
These four main tasks:

One is to carry out the daily management of the core cabin assembly. Including Tianhe core cabin on-orbit test, regenerative life support system verification, manipulator test and operation training, and material and waste management. The
second is to carry out two out-of-cabin activities and out-of-cabin operations. Including the on-orbit transfer, assembly, and testing of extravehicular suits, the assembly of extravehicular toolboxes, the elevation of panoramic cameras, and the installation of extended pump sets….

On 17th June 2021 Friday at averagely 1630 hours Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time the Shenzhou 12 module have docked successfully with the Tainhe Core module of the CNSA -CSS -China National Space Admistraton – China Manned Space Agency -China Space Station .

The third is to carry out space science experiments and technical tests. Carry out the assembly and testing of experimental equipment for space application missions, and carry out experiments (tests) in the fields of space applications and aerospace medicine according to procedures, as well as related science education activities; the
fourth is to carry out the health management of the astronauts themselves. Carry out daily life care and physical exercises as planned, and regularly monitor, maintain and evaluate their own health status.

According to the plan, after the Shenzhou XII spacecraft enters orbit, it will use an autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking mode to connect to the forward port of the Tianhe core cabin and form a combination with the Tianhe core cabin and the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft. The astronauts stationed in the core module, implemented the synchronized work and rest system of heaven and earth for work and life. After staying for about 3 months, they took the spacecraft return module to return to the Dongfeng landing site.

At present, the Tianhe core module and the Tianzhou-2 combination are in a stable state, all equipment is working normally, and it has the conditions for rendezvous and docking and astronauts stationed. The systems for performing the Shenzhou 12 mission have completed comprehensive exercises, the astronauts flight crew are in good condition, and all preparations are basically in place before launch.

The core module of the space station and the ground training modules of the two experimental modules Out-of- on hands training on  Shenzhou spacecraft control panel…vehicle training spacesuit …

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