#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #國家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #June2021 how did the China’s Astronauts #Takionauts from #神舟九号 #Shenzhou9 and #神舟十号 #Shenzhou10 Exploring celebrating sending #TuenNg #DragonBoatfestival wishers from Space orbiting the #Planet #Earth ..

During this month of 14th June 2021 it’s the start of an International – National Chinese Asian Bank Holiday in which massively celebrated as families members gathered back home throughout the China – People’s Republic of China also on globally throughout the Tuen Ng- Dragon Boat Festival during the previously manned missions of CSNA –China National Space Administration orbiting around the planet earth previously during the month of June orbiting around Earth on China’s second space station Tiangong one Takionauts – Chinese Astronauts  sending celebrative  blessings from space in those years..  During the manned flights of Shenzhou 9 and Shenzhou 10, it was the Dragon Boat Festival. Astronauts not only sent back their Dragon Boat Festival blessings from space, they also exposed “space fragrant rice dumplings” in space. It is the eight-treasure rice of Shenzhou 9 or the bean paste rice dumplings of Shenzhou 10, their taste is sweet #From space’s Dragon Boat Festival  Today is the Dragon Boat Festival again, review the classics, and wish everyone a happy holiday…..

神舟九号Shenzhou 9 was the fourth crewed spacecraft flight of China’s Shenzhou program, launched at 18:37:24 CST, 16 June 2012. Shenzhou 9 was the second spacecraft and first crewed spacecraft to dock with the Tiangong 1 space station, which took place on 18 June

神舟十号 Shenzhou 10 was a crewed spaceflight of China’s Shenzhou program that was launched on 11 June 2013. It was China’s fifth crewed space mission….

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Tianzhong Festival, was originally a festival originated  by ancient ancestors to worship the dragon ancestors, pray for blessings and ward off evil spirits. In the midsummer Dragon Boat Festival, the Canglong Qi Su soared in the middle of the sky in the south, and was in the most “center” position in the whole year, that is, as the line of the fifth line of “The Book of Changes•Qian Gua”: “Flying Dragon is in the Sky”. The Dragon Boat Festival is due to legend that Qu Yuan, a poet of Chu State during the Warring States Period, committed suicide by jumping on the Miluo River on May 5. Later, people also took the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. The fragrance of dumplings and dragon boats became one of the four traditional festivals in China.

Images and visuals are from Weibo of CNSA – China National Space Administration – CLEP –China Lunar Exploration Program

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