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On 24th April  2021, China- People’s Republic of China- CNSA –China National Space Administration throughout the China- People’s Republic of China in which on that Day it’s China National Space Day in which it is the sixth China National Space Day in which there’s promotional events across the whole nation.. in which this week there’s promotional release themes on the previously hard working campaigns in space collaboratively in which features many successfully accomplishments in between various sectors among with governmentally to commercially industrial innovative designs of space ..

In the previously six years of China Space Day  this years of  2021 is The designer of the China Space Day theme poster is a little girl On April 19, the National Space Administration announced the winners of the 2021 “China Space Day” poster. The design work of Wang Shujun, a third-year student of Lanzhou University College of Art, was selected as 2021″ Promotional poster for China Space Day. In an interview with Lanzhou Daily, she said that she learned that the work was selected, and shared the good news with her family and friends. As a Lan University with aerospace genes, she wanted to convey her beautiful vision through her works and pay tribute to the aerospace industry of the motherland! 

Images and visuals are from Weibo ..

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