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From Friday  12TH March 2021 to Saturday 3rd April 2021, the World’s Leading Public transport provider MTR Hong Kong  MTR Corporation is collaborating with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) to launch the new “Phil Your MTR Ride with Music” campaign to provide passengers with refreshing and relaxing musical journeys with beautiful and enchanting melodies amidst the pandemic. This video features 30 members of the HK Phil with an unprecedented scene of an orchestral setup to perform the work of renowned American composer Bernstein on a train at the depot and in an MTR station after traffic hours.

More about the music in the video: BERNSTEIN – On the Town: Times Square 1944 On the Town marked Bernstein’s Broadway debut and was a hit. Bernstein defies categorisation. He possessed an abundance of gifts and was equally noted as a composer, conductor, pianist, educator and humanist…. Two key actors, Resident Conductor Mr Lio Kuokman and Concertmaster Mr Jing Wang from HK Phil, shared their feelings on this collaboration.

A unifying element in his music, whether for the Broadway stage or the classical concert hall, is the vivid theatricality that gives it its distinct flair.

Passengers will hear five familiar music written by four renowned classical music composers including Dvořák, Mozart, Shostakovich and Wagner and performed by the HK Phil when they enter station concourses.


樂曲資料如下: 伯恩斯坦《錦城春色》:時代廣場1944 《錦城春色》是伯恩斯坦第一齣百老匯劇場作品 。伯恩斯坦既是作曲家,又是指揮家、鋼琴家、教育家以及人文主義者。 無論是為百老匯舞台寫作也好、為古典音樂廳寫作也好,都有一個元素貫穿所有作品:「劇場性」。正是活靈活現的「劇場性」,令伯恩斯坦的音樂帶有獨特的魅力。

Images and visuals are of from the MTR Hong Kong  MTR Corporation Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil)

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