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On 28th February 2021 Sunday on a nearby Rocket engine testing facilities nearby the VAB – Vertical Assembly building of the CNSA – China National Space Administration– Wenchang Space Craft launch Center – Hainan Province – China – People’s Republic of China…  The Long March 5B launch vehicle high thrust hydrogen oxygen engine completed a 520-second test run to further verify the optimized engine performance to ensure China the launch mission of the core module of the space station went smoothly. It is reported that this spring, my country will launch the Tianhe core module with the Long March 5B Carrier Rocket …..

This round of test runs is to further verify the optimized engine performance to ensure that the mission of the Long March 5B Yao-2 carrier rocket launching the core module of the space station is on schedule..

With the High-thrust hydrogen-oxygen engine completed 520-second long-distance test run On February 28th 2021……..  the  high-thrust hydrogen-oxygen engine completed a 520-second long-distance test run in Yungang, Beijing. This is the fifth long-distance test run of the engine successfully. The cumulative test duration of the same engine reached 2520 seconds, which greatly improved the reliability of the high-thrust hydrogen-oxygen engine.

In the future, the engine will undergo three long-distance test runs of 500 seconds, and the cumulative test run time will reach about 4000 seconds by then, further verifying the reliability of the high-thrust hydrogen-oxygen engine……

Previously on 2021 January there’s three types of Long March-Chang Zheng Carrier Rocket series in its final stages of assembly in which is undertaking one of the construction of the CNSA –China National Space Administration CMS China Manned Spaceflight Belt and Road Initiative CSS China Space Station in which will core module be launched on during this year 2021 spring launch calendar ….

In which there are three series  Long March rocket undertaking the mission of the China Space Station will debut again 中国空间站 Core module will be launched next spring China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is responsible for the development of the Long March 2F, Long March 7 and Long March 5B launch vehicles………  According to the plan, the Long March 2F, Long March 7 and long March 5B three-type carrier rockets will respectively undertake the launch missions of manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft and the core cabin of the space station. During the festival, the final assembly test of the Type III rocket is being carried out in an orderly manner in Beijing and Tianjin.

The Long March 2 F Yao 13 carrier rocket is undergoing testing in the final assembly plant. The test team has established a “chief command” system to coordinate and guarantee resources to ensure close cohesion and orderly progress. This type of rocket plans to complete the final assembly test after the Spring Festival.

The Long March 7 Yaosan launch vehicle is undergoing final assembly. The model team strictly follows the requirements of refined final assembly to ensure that all operations and tests are done correctly and well at a time. At present, the rocket final assembly is progressing smoothly.

In the Tianjin General Assembly Test Plant, the Long March 5B Yao-2 launch vehicle has just completed its test, and the model team is preparing for the rocket’s work before it leaves the factory to ensure that the rocket is shipped to the launch site as planned…..

Images and visuals are from Weibo.

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