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A successful launch on 1022 morning Hong Kong- Beijing time on 29th January 2021 CNSA –China National Space Administration launching from one of its many launch Complexes from China used the Long March 4C – Chang Zheng 4C carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center – Inner Mongolia- China-People’s Republic of China…. successfully launched Remote Sensing successfully launched the remote sensing 31st group 03 satellites into the air, and the satellites entered the predetermined orbit. Satellites are mainly used to carry out electromagnetic environment detection and related technical tests. This mission is the 361st flight of the Long March series of carrier rockets.

 During the launch of the Long March Chang Zheng 4C – Lingshui Measurement and Control Station of Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center successfully completed the launch measurement and control mission of “Remote Sensing No. 31 Satellite Group 03” February 24, 2021, 10:22, Long March The No. 4 C carrier rocket was ignited at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of China and successfully sent the remote sensing 31st group 03 satellites into the predetermined orbit. The Lingshui Observation and Control Station of the Xi’an Satellite Observation and Control Center successfully discovered and captured the target, and successfully completed the launch vehicle data. Measurement and telemetry data receiving tasks. Lingshui shepherd always sticks to the same thing, takes root on the island, and carefully guards the magnificent flight of the rocket every time..

Image and visuals are from Weibo..

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