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On 14th February 2021 in was Valentine’s day in which there’s ancient Chinese Romantic story in between two reconnected couples the Cowhearder and the Weaver girl..  The romantic inspiration of that date of China’s Spaceflight! The “Magpie Bridge” relay satellite successfully launched for 1000 days] At 5:28 on May 21, 2018, the Long March 4C carrier rocket ignited into the air at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center and successfully launched the world’s first special relay communication satellite outside the earth orbit : Chang’e-4 relay star “Queqiao” was sent into the scheduled orbit. As an earth-moon communication and data transfer station, “Queqiao” can transmit the scientific data sent by the Chang’e-4 probe landed on the back of the moon back to the earth in real time……

Previously …..On 0528 Spring morning Beijing Time…  21st  May 2018 at the XiChang Satellite Launch Center in South West China, CNSA-China National Space Administration  launched an reliable Long March 4C configuration Carrier Rocket in which is in preparations towards a later mission to Launch Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe that would land on the Dark Side of the moon in which Earth’s Moon Luna is Tidally Lock one side is constant facing Earth the other side is not due to the Earth’s history it slowly gradually stop the Moons rotation..

Launching from one of many CNSA-China National Space Admistraton launch facilities that scattered around nation…. Launching towards the Dark side of the moon in which to establishment of communication with Queqiao- Known as the Magpie Bridge in which namely relating to the Jin Dynasty story with Cowhearder and Weaver girl in which the Magpie forms a Milky way bridge to  have the lovers to meet together …..  In which is the same way for making that communications relay point with the other side of the moon with Earth…

the 24th October 2017 moon four days away from the new moon..

The launch includes two payloads one is two cube Satellites that’s launched after the Queqiao relay communication satellite….. In which to create a triangular communications network…  To communicate with the Lunar Probe Chang’e four, too study, explorationally the dark side of the moon….. During the process of the launching twenty five minutes into the flight it was the Queqiao satellite network to separate from its secondary carrier stage then transiting onwards to the dark side of the moon.. in laying the foundations of that network.. With the soon to be Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe rover.. in which later this year it enable China the first country to send a probe to soft land on the rover on the furthest side of the moon explorationally scientifically ..

Images and visuals are from Weibo

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