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Today on the 12th February 2021 Friday is the Year of the Ox previously the year of the Rat…… featuring on the CCTV – China Central Television Beijing Studios also the world’s  most watched television show globally from Beijing – China – People’s Republic of China.. Featuring is CNSA – China National Space Administration Belt and Road Initiative ESA- European Space Agency CLEP China Luna Exploration Program is the return Sample Module of Change 5 .. Featuring is also the CNSA ESA Belt and Road initiative Mars Mission as it now in the Mars Orbit awaiting to land on the Utopia Planitia on the rustic Planet that still can be seen in the Constellation Aries in which is currently 195 Million Kilometers from Earth..    ….

On 17th December 2020 very early morning Hong Kong -Beijing Thursday, the Beijing flight control team of the CNSA China National Space Administration- CLEP- China Lunar Exploration Program Belt and Road Initiative Mons Rumker Luna Mission …..Chang’e-5 probe successfully completed China’s first extraterrestrial celestial body sampling and return mission…. At 1:59 Hong Kong –Beijing Time on December 17th early hour’s morning Thursday, the lunar exploration project Chang’e-5 returner successfully landed in the planned area of ​​Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia, marking the mission of sampling and returning to China’s first extraterrestrial body was successfully completed….

天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿 …….As of the evening 10th February 2021, CNSA – China National Space Administration- ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One Tianwen-1 successfully implemented Mars capture, China’s first Mars exploration mission to circumnavigate Mars and succeeded] According to the China National Space Administration, at 19:52 on February 10, 2021, China’s first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen-1, was implemented Near-fire capture and braking, the orbiter 3000N orbital-controlled engine ignites for about 15 minutes, and the probe smoothly enters a large elliptical circular fire orbit with a near-fire height of about 400 kilometers, a period of about 10 Earth days, and an inclination of about 10º. The first man-made Mars satellite has achieved the goal of “orbiting, orbiting, and patrolling” the first step, and successfully orbiting Mars…..

Images and visuals are from Weibo

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