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On Currently on 2021 January there’s three types of Long March-Chang Zheng Carrier Rocket series in its final stages of assembly in which is undertaking one of the construction of the CNSA –China National Space Administration CMS China Manned Spaceflight Belt and Road Initiative CSS China Space Station in which will core module be launched on during this year 2021 spring launch calendar ….

In which there are three series  Long March rocket undertaking the mission of the China Space Station will debut again 中国空间站 Core module will be launched next spring China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is responsible for the development of the Long March 2F, Long March 7 and Long March 5B launch vehicles………  According to the plan, the Long March 2F, Long March 7 and long March 5B three-type carrier rockets will respectively undertake the launch missions of manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft and the core cabin of the space station. During the festival, the final assembly test of the Type III rocket is being carried out in an orderly manner in Beijing and Tianjin.

CNSA -China National Space Administration – Command Core Module – Tianhe Space Station shown on the Air Show China- in Zhuhai..

The Long March 2 F Yao 13 carrier rocket is undergoing testing in the final assembly plant. The test team has established a “chief command” system to coordinate and guarantee resources to ensure close cohesion and orderly progress. This type of rocket plans to complete the final assembly test after the Spring Festival.

The Long March 7 Yaosan launch vehicle is undergoing final assembly. The model team strictly follows the requirements of refined final assembly to ensure that all operations and tests are done correctly and well at a time. At present, the rocket final assembly is progressing smoothly.

In the Tianjin General Assembly Test Plant, the Long March 5B Yao-2 launch vehicle has just completed its test, and the model team is preparing for the rocket’s work before it leaves the factory to ensure that the rocket is shipped to the launch site as planned.

In which previously of month of March 2020 in which at Hainan Province- at Wenchang Space launch center in the China-People’s Republic of China.. In which there’s been progressive developments of construction of the Long March five – Chang Zheng five Carrier Rocket……During the CNSA – China National Space Administration launch 2020 calendar, the CNSA in with the Belt and Road initiative  Alliances with the ESA- European Space Agency also with United Nations Outer Space Affairs, ROSCOMOS in developing the next Country’s Space Station in which are currently finalizing there modules component construction in which contain in that construction experimental modules in which it’ll be carried onwardly with the Long March 5B,  in which it’ll be the first time the CNSA they will launch the Long March 5B into space..  Into a Launching Low Earth Orbit in a in between Attitude of 350 to 450 Kilometers above Earth’s orbital inclination of forty two too forty three Degrees…

Among with the Space Alliance with CNSA taking the lead, is ESA, Russian ROSCOMOS also the United Nations Outer Space Affairs Office among with the Belt and Road initiative countries in developing preparing together for deep space missions and manned mission to towards the moon and Mars….

Launching from Launch Complex one, Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Hainan in the first  second quarter calendar is the first foundation core module of the Tianhe- Harmony of Heavens, Tainhe will provided the environmental life support, living quarters with three crew members also it’ll provide the main bridge of the Space Station with Navigational Guidance’s controls in which that compartment is one of three compartments of the station the second the non-habitable service section, then the docking section hub unit.. the primary Environmental living section consisting of living quarters, kitchen, toilet, fire control equipment Atmospheric processing providing control equipment, computers with scientific, multiple purpose communications installations.. Also with a small Remote Manipulate Robotic MIR Lyappa Arm to assist in adjoining the other five further modules that have yet to arrive in completing the first stage of the station…… the Docking mechanism is compatible with the Russian also ESA’s aswell due that that the International Space Station is based on the ROSCOMOS’s Mir Space Station Design in which formalised docking mechanism standards..  As the Tianhe is constructed it’s too first to house three selected Taikonauts, Cosmonauts, and European Space Agency Astronauts as the station grows with more module it can accommodate more to its design criteria limit..

The long March five –Chang Zheng five is the largest currently, in which soon there are other larger variants of the Long March Ultra Heavies in the process with more heavy more challenging payloads to cater towards more expansive missions also constructions of more expansive larger CSS China Space Station in which in collaboration with its Belt and Road Partnerships countries and organizations.. ..

Manufactured by CASC- China Aerospace and Technology Corporation – CALVT China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, at Tianjin City … in which is the sister organization towards CNSA…in which also manufacture the eight tons experimental satellite termed the SJ-20- Shijian -20 Technological Experimental Satellite in which testing high end advance communications systems with other onboard install Experimental systems installed..  Shijian 20 replaced it’s precede Shijian Eighteen in 2017 uneventful launch Shijian 20 is Based on the new DFH-5 satellite design developed by the China Academy of Space Technology  …. Given lesson learn from the second, third modified the Long March five Y3 in which is powered up Main propulsion system is an engine on Hydrogen and Oxygen YF-77 Engines in which is core.. As for the secondary it’s the YF-77D in which the external Boosters are of YF-100 Engines Kerosene fed… Chang Zheng 5- The Long March 5 is the heaviest rocket in China’s fleet, and one of the most powerful launcher’s in the world. The Long March 5 can deliver up to 14 metric tons — nearly 31,000 pounds — to geostationary transfer orbit, a popular target orbit for large communications satellites. The launcher’s lift capability to low Earth orbit is around 55,000 pounds, or 25 metric tons…  once deployed Shijian 20 – spacecraft will use its own propulsion system to circularize its orbit at geostationary altitude more than 22,000 miles -nearly 36,000 Kilometers over the equator…..

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