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A successful launch on 2344 Hong Kong- Beijing time on 27 December 2020 CNSA –China National Space Administration launching from one of its many launch Complexes from China used the Long March 4C – Chang Zheng 4C carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center – Inner Mongolia- China-People’s Republic of China.. The Launch was successfully  in which good timing at 23:44 Hong Kong –Beijing time on December 27th, 2020, China successfully sent the remote sensing 33 satellite using the Long March 4C carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Entering the scheduled orbit, the launch was a complete success. The mission also carried and launched a micro-Nano technology test satellite. The Remote Sensing No. 33 satellite and the micro-Nano technology test satellite are mainly used in the fields of scientific experimentation, land and resources survey, agricultural production estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation. This mission is the 357th flight of the Long March series of carrier rockets.


During the launch also prior The telemetry signal of “Target found in Lingshui and Sanya” is normal! At 23:44 on December 27, 2020, China – People’s Republic of China successfully sent the Remote Sensing No. 33 satellite into the scheduled orbit with the Long March 4 Yao 35 carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The rocket is also equipped with a micro-Nano technology test 02 star. One minute after the rocket lifted off, it entered the measurement and control arc of the Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center Lingshui and Sanya Measurement and Control Station. Lingshui and Sanya successfully discovered and captured the target, and successfully completed the launch vehicle external ballistic measurement and satellite telemetry data reception tasks.
This mission is the last mission in 2020. Lingshui and Sanya measurement and control stand at the southernmost end of the motherland to relay, struggling to win the final “battle” and achieve the “full house” of the annual mission! Nantian Shepherd will always stick to the same thing

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